At Fluency Fast Language Classes we know that learning another language requires a complete paradigm shift, a task most people would prefer not to undertake. The majority of Americans have taken a foreign language in high school. Ninety-six percent of those students who took a second language graduated monolingual.

We at Fluency Fast have seen a massive failure with methods over the years. Our grandparents learned Latin by conjugating verbs and translating passages ad nauseum.

Our parents learned through the audio-lingual method, a listen and repeat process that allowed them to speak the language only if the Spanish man on the street happened to know his half of the memorized dialogue.

This was followed by the communicative and conversational methods which forced people to speak before they had even learned or internalized any of the language.

The immersion method forced students to endure never understanding what their teachers were saying. Fortunately for them, while the class was conducted entirely in the target language, the tests remained as consistent as they had been since the 1940s: verb conjugation and vocabulary memorization. Rote learning that tests the ability to study and retain for up to 24 hours.

The failure rate of American high school language programs has remained above 90% for the past 40 years.

Unfortunately, the students who come through our Fluency Fast classes have been traumatized by previous language classes and have come to believe that they personally are unable to learn languages. They are convinced that they cannot learn to speak Spanish or learn to speak French or learn to speak Arabic because they are unable to remember any of the language they learned in high school.

Broca’s Area, though… the part of their brains that processes language… is completely intact and functional, though. As is yours, as evidenced by the fact that you understand what you are reading right now. Learning a second language is easy if it is acquired in the same way we learned our first language. You CAN learn Spanish. In fact… you can be well on your way to learning Spanish in less than a week.

You can learn Spanish by taking a language course in only 4 days. You can learn Spanish without studying verb charts or memorizing vocabulary lists. At Fluency Fast, this is all we do. We bypass all ways people THINK we learn languages and immerse ourselves only in what works and we do that all day for 4 days. Sound incredible? Give it a chance. TPRS is the underground foreign language movement used by high school teachers all over the country to give their students a competitive advantage over the their monolingual peers in the job market. It’s your money…. be a
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