FACT: In the United States, only 9% of Americans speak both their native language and another language fluently.

We have met the other 91%. Most of them say, as they take the seat next to us on the plane, “I took Spanish (or French or German) in high school, but I can’t speak a word.” They tell us they aren’t good at languages. They tell us they have always wanted to learn, to travel a little, to whip it out in business situations and to meet new people.

FACT: 30% of Spanish words are cognates, that is, they sound similar to English.

No, you can’t actually add an “o” to any English word and call it Spanish, but you can more easily pick up and remember words like “romántico,” “chocolate,” and “persona.” We capitalize on the fact that you already know English. The truth is…. you also already know 30% of Spanish.

FACT: 65-90% of communication is non-verbal.

Facial expressions, body language and voice tone make up most of our communication. Learn to read cultural cues, and you’ll be most of the way to an effective conversation before you even start talking.

FACT: The 1000 most frequent words in English account for 85% of speech.

By focusing our classes on the highest frequency words and combining them with cognates (words that are similar in English), gains in functional, highly necessary vocabulary are maximized in a very short period of time.

FACT: Humans would prefer to spend time on pleasurable activities than painful ones.

No grammar exercises. No worksheets. No pressure to speak. No grades. No tests. This is NOT your high school Spanish class!

At Fluency Fast, we bypass the traditional approach to teaching and, relying on new brain research into how we can learn languages easily and effortlessly, return to the essence of how people learn: the way we did when we were babies.

And, if after the first day Fluency Fast isn’t for you, we’ll refund your entire registration fee.