Earn college credits For Attending 2023 CI-Reboot!

University Credits: Get University Credit for Attending CI-Reboot! Click Here to apply

A University course number has been assigned to the #EDUP 9552: CI Reboot 2023
  • 1 credit = 15 hours of webinars + 15 hours of outside work
  • 2 credits = 30 hours of webinars + 15 hours of outside work
  • 3 credits = 45 hours of webinars  + 15 hours of outside work
  1.  If you participate in the CI-Reboot live and attend all sessions, it is 25 contact hours.
  2.  If you watch the recordings of sessions you missed, it’s 14 additional hours.
  3. If you watch the pre-recorded sessions it is 1 additional hour.
  4. If you want the pre-recorded sessions from 2021 BEFORE the conference starts, it is 6 additional hours.
  5. If you read the books and handouts loaded into your account, you can add the +15 hours of outside work.

So 2-3 credit hours. However, it is always possible to add an additional credit hour by logging additional hours applying what you learned and turning it into lesson plans.

It is also possible to get credit for your contributions to this professional development community. (Really.).

$62 per credit hour.

You can send administrators to this link if you need permission. You will receive a certificate of completion for attending.

Max credits for registering AFTER the conference = 2. (you will miss the live-only sessions)

To register for the #CiReboot, https://fluencyfast.com/cireboot

    Click here for a schedule of sessions and session descriptions which will serve as a syllabus

    University Of the Pacific Course Credit Requirements

    Course Title & Number of Credits Offered
    2 credit hours

    • Short Course Title: CIReboot 2023
    • Instructor of record: Karen Rowan, Fluency Fast Language Classes
    • Course Description
      The first goal is a CI RE-BOOT, re-grounding teachers who have been drowning in technology and lost their connection to the roots of comprehension-based teaching.
      The second goal is to change the conversation around the CONTENT of that Comprehensible Input. Any CONTENT can be taught using the same basics of comprehension-based teaching.

    Goal two is to, while grounding ourselves in the Comprehension Hypothesis, change the content we are teaching, which in some very fundamental ways also requires changing ourselves.
    It does not mean that our sheltered subject matter has to be taught in English instead of the TL. It doesn’t mean that students should be producing output instead of receiving input. It doesn’t mean that meaningful content should be broken down to analyze its grammatical components. This is where we bridge both.

    We start at the bottom and build to the top.

      • Course Objectives
        Participants will acquire a basic foundation in Comprehension-Based Teaching and practical resources for teaching a decolonized, equitable, inclusive curriculum.
      • Course Outline
        Monday-Friday July 10-14
      • Course Expectations
        Reading required course material loaded into your personal Teachable account. All sessions live or as recordings. Participate actively in two-five group discussions live. If course is completed after the live sessions have ended, post any lesson created from content learned at the conference on the IFLT / NTPRS / CI teaching Facebook page and open a discussion there. Total contact hours including sessions, reading and discussions are one hour for every 15 hours of contact time. Up to 4 credits could be attained with live attendance and watching sessions, reading and full participation in non-recorded sessions. The conference alone is a maximum of 2 credit hours.
      • Course Evaluation
        Participants will complete a practicum assignment demonstrating the application of a professional development plan/strategy presented by Fluency Fast. The practicum assignment will consist of 15 hours per semester credit attempted. Course participants will submit their credit application and payment through the online portal after completing the work.

      Textbooks / Resource Materials Utilized

      Webinars listed below, daily discussions, readings in Teachable

      Articles are loaded into your Teachable account on reading and comprehensible input.
      On Demand sessions from 2021 are loaded into your Teachable account upon registration.
      All live sessions will be recorded and loaded to the Teachable platform.

      Each day will include optional small group discussions. All registrants are invited to create and join small group discussions. The Wonder Room will stay open between sessions and after the final session to facilitate social conversation, support and collaboration and Q and As with presenters and teachers.

      Collaborate with colleagues in small group forums. Topics each day will be generated by participants. Maximum group size 15. Online platform.

        Click here for a schedule of sessions and session descriptions which will serve as a syllabus