If you are teaching a novel, in your target language type descriptions of the characters, quotes the characters said or things they might have said or thought. Print them in large type. Two or three should fit on each page. Cut them so that each paper fragment has only one quote. Example (should be in Spanish, French, Latin or English) WHO AM I? I am about 50 years old. I have a horse named Rocinante. I read a lot. I want to be a knight. WHO WOULD HAVE SAID: Why are you leaving me and your children to run off an chase an old man all over Spain? WHO SAID: “I am not named Dulcinea” Number each one. Have students number on their own papers to match the total. Tape each clue to the wall in the hallway, spaced a foot or so apart. Students write the correct answer on their own papers. After the class, tape a blank sheet of paper over the top of the papers to block the answers from the next class. Or, remove and re-apply them. These can also be posted in the classroom. I like the space and visibility the hallway offers. More advanced students can be provided with more reading material and longer passages. It IS permissible for students to use their books if they don’t know the answer to re-read parts to be able to answer the questions. Students RE-reading is GREAT!