The Post-Story Slide Show Re-ask (TPRS, Personalized or Reader’s Theater)

The Post-Story Slide Show Re-ask Immediately before acting out a class story or performing Reader’s Theater, assign a class photographer. The simplest way to do this without losing class time is to use your own iPad designated for that purpose. Purchase a dongle for an iPad for about $40. There are other ways, but this way does not require transferring photos. The class photographer is charged with taking 10 photos of the action in the story. The photographer can take photos from any position, just as a wedding photographer would, but cannot interrupt me or the actors. (This gives us occasional photos from the floor or from the top of the desk.) Immediately after performing the class story or performing Reader’s Theater, plug the ipad in to the projector for the re-tell. Re-tell the story and ask questions while showing the pictures. This increases student interest because they are seeing pictures of themselves. It also occasionally works to show pictures from a class story in another class and to re-tell that story from the pictures to the best of your recollection. Often students in other classes know each other. Only share these pictures outside of your classes if you have permission. Inside of the class as a learning aid, it is perfectly allowable. Slideshows can also be used as Picturetalks just to talk about things that are interesting to students. This is specifically about re-telling / re-asking the story.