Teachers Guides in Spanish


Las aventuras de Isabela, available on Teachable $49.99

includes non-downloadable PDF of reader and audiobook

Optional free student access to reader available with purchase of a class set or copies for all students, $7.00 each

Karen Rowan is fairly certain she has taught this book more than any other person, since her crash courses are 3 days long.  This guide contains everything she does to teach the reader, including stories, photos, exact TPR lessons and a video demo of her teaching that you are welcome to play for your students asynchronously.

Read the blog entry for teachers Letting Isabela Be Isabela on Why to teach las aventuras de Isabela.


Don Quijote, el último caballero, $54.99  Ali Eustice, Amy O’Connor and Karen Rowan

In cooperation with other Spanish teachers, we have compiled every possible resource any of us have ever used to teach Don Quijote.  The idea was for it to be possible for a teacher to have one prep and teach Don Quijote at level 1, 2, 3 and 4 simultaneously.  There are mini-stories with variations for different levels, art work and suggestions for picture talk and projects.  There are separate printable or uploadable files for student reading.  Stories are editable.  Please be mindful of copyright as we have been mindful of how desperately teachers need things to be easier right now.

Includes audiobook and non-downloadable PDF of reader.

Optional free student access to reader available with purchase of a class set or copies for all students, $7.00 



Feliz Cumpleaños Teacher’s Guide by A.C. Quintero $25.00

Feliz Cumpleaños  Teacher’s Guide by A.C. Quintero $25.00


This Teacher’s Guide is available for just $25.00.  Visually appealing graphics students will enjoy, and activities created by the author.


Buy the Feliz Cumpleaños reader, $8.00






La clase de confesiones by A.C. Quintero $35.00

A.C. Quintero’s new teacher’s guide to this popular  student favorite.

La clase de confesiones: Carlos hace el peor error de su vida (Spanish Edition), by A.C. Quintero

Buy the reader: La clase de confesiones, $8

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