A Sane, Slow Conference in 3 Parts

From the people who brought you the IFLT / NTPRS / CI Teaching Facebook professional development community, the CISOS Fundraiser and Sane Saturdays

Comprehension-based World Language Teacher Training

CI Teaching RE-boot Mini-Conference Online  $109.00 / $99 until May 31st Register Presenters and Sessions

June 26-July 2, 2021

Summer Language Institute,
learn a language the way your students do!

6 classes in Spanish, French and American Sign Language
July 19-22, 2021


Teaching Reading, Creating Content

Preparing an Inclusive, Comprehension-Based Curriculum for 2021,

$108.00 / $98.00 until June 30
July 27-30

Sessions on reading, novels and creating curriculum and lessons followed by dedicated time to collaborate and create with World Language teachers, brought to you by Command Performance Books,www.CommandPerformanceBooks.com

Half-days.  Choose one, two or three parts.  Learn comprehension-based theory and practice with content appropriate for a changing world.

University credit, $62 per credit hour.  6 credits live.  6 credits with recordings.

Other Summer Opportunities

Write a CI Novel Over the Summer

2020 pre-recorded sessions only, $45.00
Pre-recorded session with live sessions in July and August 2021, $65.00