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Basics of TPR Storytelling / Comprehensible Input (Middle School, High School and adult levels)
with Adriana Ramírez, Dahiana Castro and Karen Rowan
November 2021 -April 2022  90 minutes twice a month. $219 / $199 until Oct 31





Sessions from a fundraiser held March 2020- June 2020.  All CI SOS sessions or sessions can be purchased individually.

From the people who brought you the IFLT / NTPRS / CI Teaching Facebook professional development community

Comprehension-based World Language Teacher Training




CI Teaching RE-boot Mini-Conference Online 
All Recordings $109.00  / Individual webinars $8 each


Teaching Reading, Creating Content

Preparing an Inclusive, Comprehension-Based Curriculum for 2021 $98

Classroom Libraries and Teaching a Classroom Novel $64.00 SALE $39.00
Teaching French $24.00 SALE $19.00
Teaching Spanish $24.00 SALE $20.00

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Learn comprehension-based theory and practice with content appropriate for a changing world.

University credit, $62 per credit hour.  Ci-Reboot Part 1 – 2 credits.  CI-Reboot Part 3, Teaching Reading – 2 credits.