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A note about Covid-19 in-person training:  On-site school district training is available again beginning November, 2021.  Our trainers and teachers are fully vaccinated and we travel with a hospital-grade air filter which removes 93%-99% of the SARS-2 virus particles from the room, in addition to other harmful particles like cold and flu germs.  We researched extensively before relying on this air filter to protect our teachers.  Here is the downloadable research on this air filter.  School districts that wish to order additional air filters can find them here:   The non-ozone Surface Pro plus at https://www.vollara.com/SAFEclasses    This is especially advised if the training room capacity exceeds 500 square feet. 

School Teacher Training Packages with Fluency Fast

Comprehension-Based Training for World Language Teachers
Elementary through High School, All Languages

  • Real results. Real fluency. Happy teachers. Proficient, bilingual students.
  • Complete training in Comprehension-Based Teaching
  • Reading is crucial: the missing link in foreign language education
  • Personalizing lessons to decrease attrition and improve retention of material
  • On-going Teacher Training that results in real, measurable academic achievement

​This training package provides on-going support and continued expert training for school districts that wish to implement Comprehension-Based training district-wide. Training for second language, bilingual ed, ESL (or ELA) teaching methodology that allows for rapid language acquisition through ample access to comprehensible input. Teachers will be trained not only in how to successfully create a Comprehension-Based program, but how to sustain it through peer-coaching. At the end of the training period, teachers will be able to work together to help each other. This is in-service training that results in long-term change through a complete paradigm shift and consistent teacher support. Most importantly, the impact of the training is measurable on student achievement.

Contact us for pricing details for our

  • One-day in-service
  • Two-day in-service
  • 6-month training package
  • School year training package (materials included)

*We provide support to school districts applying for grants. In many cases, all of our training program can be covered by available grants.

6 month CI Teaching TPRS training package

  • Two 2-day workshops at your school
  • Effective Vocabulary Acquisition
  • Creating a reading program that will raise reading scores
  • Increasing student buy-in through personalization
  • Classroom demos at your school (Teachers observe)
  • One-on-one with school admin
  • Online workshop training web site link
  • Advanced techniques for improving your program
  • Alignment with the National Standards
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Coaching in classrooms (Teachers participate)
  • Free Beginning Spanish Class for parents, classroom teachers, staff, community members with minimum 100 participants (local media encouraged to attend)

Facebook Professional Development support for teachers in your school district. On-going support by our online community of 12,000 teachers. In the event that the 6 month period covers summer months, the time can be suspended and re-started  the following school year.)

Full school year training package

  • 6 month training package plus…
  • Additional one-one one with admin for evaluation process
  • Additional online webinars
  • 3-day workshop at your school
  • In-service for new teachers (in case of teacher attrition.)
  • In-service for experienced TPRS teachers: Coaching for Coaches,
  • Learning to peer coach and mentor each other. Peer-Coaching Training creates a sustainable program
  • Coaching in classrooms (depending on the size of the district more coaching days can be added)
  • Leadership support (Teachers will be encouraged to and supported in presenting at local, state and national conferences and contributing to the larger professional community. Previous participants in this training have presented at the National TPRS Conference, The International Forum on Language Teaching, the Agen Workshop in France, the American Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures and state conferences and have had articles published in language teaching journals.)

Also includes:

  • 6 classroom sets of readers ($1100 value)
  • Fluency Through TPR Storytelling ($25 value per teacher)
  • Guide to Self-Coaching, one copy per teacher
  • Reader’s Theater Webinar
  • Personalization Webinar

Does Professional Development Get Results?

Research shows that teachers believe professional development is not helpful and there is little measurable impact on student achievement. Professional Development has to be relevant to subject matter, sustained and sustainable and systemic, so that administrators, students and parents are working cooperatively. This training is designed as an effective Professional Development that is built in cooperation with teachers.


How Karen Rowan disarmed and supported the teachers at my school when she visited:

Terrified. That is emotion my colleagues had when I told them Karen Rowan would be at our school and would love to come give them support during a TRPS/CI lesson. Karen is a long-time friend of mine (we taught our first year together in Colorado – 1995) and even I was terrified. I was told “I can’t even think about it or I throw up” and “I really appreciate your offer, but I’m too nervous”. Drat!

So before school, Karen and I went around and dropped in on teachers just to say hi. Karen had a big smile on her face, bright eyes, and made each teacher smile and laugh. She said, “Oh, but I just want to be a student in the classroom. I’ll only stay for 10 minutes”. It just so happened that she was seeing French classes, and asked if she could give the “Slow down” sign if she got lost. That was great.

She said wonderful things to each teacher as she left. “You’re doing a great job pointing and pausing”. She gave coaching that is really easy for teachers to hear. “Remember to get in as many reps as you can”.

My department chair was too timid to have Karen in her room, but came and watched Karen coach me. That was GREAT! She’s going to do her first story next week and has asked me to come coach. After watching Karen, I know what to do to keep it sweet, simple, and very helpful.

The most important think Karen gave us was confidence and support. I have more TPRSers on my team, and those who are not are now peeking their heads in our rooms.

I am so grateful.

Stephanie Kenemer,  September 13, 2015