Teacher Resources

Free Teacher Resources for Comprehension-based teaching

Enjoy this list of free resources for teachers:

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1. New York Proficiency and New York Regents Exams

2. The International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching: IJFLT.com

3. Question Word Posters. (professional question word posters here from Command Performance Books)

4. Preparing for AP exams from Level 1 with TPRS
By Alison Eustice, Amy O’Connor and Karen Rowan, The Colorado Springs School

5.  Downloadable pre-readers in Spanish: El Secreto de Isabela and Isabela quiere un mono

6.  Free 90 minute Spanish class for Spanish language learners with lesson plan and script for Spanish teachers 

7.  Free tech crash courses for world language teachers
New Zoom features, Book Widgets, Flipgrid for Input, Google Walking Tours, Setting up Snap Camera – 1-10 minutes

Additional Resources

  • www.eslpod.com Podcasts for students of English. Absolutely the best resource I’ve ever seen for English acquisition. Created by Dr. Jeff McQuillan and Dr. Lucy Tse, former students of Stephen Krashen, this ample and continuous supply of comprehensible input is a bottomless resource that can be downloaded onto Ipods or listened to on-line.
  • http://www.sdkrashen.com Download out-of-print books by Dr. Stephen Krashen, co-creator of the Natural Approach!