Spanish for Latin Teachers with Justin Slocum Bailey


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Spanish for Latin Teachers
with Justin Slocum Bailey


Two tracks:

Weekday track, Thursdays and Mondays, 8-9pm Eastern, Thursday, April 23 through Monday, May 18 (8 meetings, 8 hours total)

Weekend track, Saturdays 11am-12:30pm* Eastern, Saturday, April 25 through Saturday, May 30 (6 meetings, 8 hours total—*the first and last meetings will run 11am-12pm)

***Registering for this course allows you to attend any or all class meetings for either or both tracks, and to access all recordings from both tracks. You do not need to specify which track or which meetings you wish to attend; just show up when you want to! The core content and goals for both tracks are the same, though slightly different vocabulary may come up as we follow the interests and contributions of participants in any given meeting. Among other benefits, this makes recordings of the other track an especially useful combination of review and enrichment.***

After the course begins, log into to access recordings.

This is an introductory Spanish course designed and taught specifically for Latin teachers. The motivation for this special course is that both comprehension and community can be enhanced by our shared knowledge and experience as Latinists and teachers of Latin. Further, awareness of connections between the two languages can increase our understanding and enjoyment of both, as well as our ability to serve our own students who may be current or future Spanish speakers.

Participants will acquire Spanish through strategic exposure to Spanish expressions and stories that relate to both participants themselves and the Spanish-speaking world. Activities include interaction with Spanish tales, simple Spanish Q&A, discussion of culturally significant images, and investigations of Roman Spain.

While the class will be conducted primarily in Spanish, the focus is always on clarity and understanding, and we will use English whenever necessary to clarify meaning, verify comprehension, and communicate procedures. Occasionally, brief comparisons of Latin and Spanish conducted in English will help consolidate learning or generate new discoveries.

There will be no formal homework, but students will be provided with an annotated list of resources and media that they can use to extend their Spanish learning outside of class. Joining and/or viewing the other track’s meetings is also an excellent way to both consolidate and expand your learning!

About the Instructor:

Justin Slocum Bailey has helped people of all ages learn Latin, Spanish, and German, both in person and online. A veteran language, music, and martial arts instructor raised in Vienna, Austria, he trains teachers and designs programs for schools, districts, universities, publishers, and non-profits worldwide, with characteristic kindness, humor, and outside-the-box thinking.  Justin has taught Latin to adults in Spain and Mexico and presented in both countries on research-informed language teaching methods. He has published several articles on language pedagogy and contributed to commercial materials for both modern and classical languages, but especially enjoys supporting eager Latinists through endeavors such as the Latin Listening Project, the Quomodo Dicitur? podcast, and LIMEN: an online Latin teaching portal. Justin lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he thrives on Tigers baseball, jujutsu, and fingerstyle guitar.

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