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Coaching at summer conferences is an effective way to improve your craft as a Comprehension-Based Communicative Language Teacher.  But what about after the conferences?  How can teachers continue to measure their progress and stay focused first on the most important things without being distracted by a hundred different techniques?  The Self-Coaching program is what is used by our Fluency Fast teachers and was compiled based on feedback from the teachers who demo and teach at summer conferences.  How did they improve from novice CI teachers to how they teach now?  This book and program contain self-assessment worksheets and checklists so that you can self-evaluate your strengths and decide where to start.

Content of this course:

The Fluency Fast Guide to Self-Coaching, an Ebook in 2 formats for any device, $19.99
Two Webinars with Karen Rowan on how to Self-Coach, 40.00
Q and A with guest speakers Ali Eustice, Mary Holmes, Justin Slocum-Bailey, Faith Laux , Jon Cowart and Amy Roe

Private facebook page support with other Self-Coachers

“As an 8 year teacher in just my second year of CI/TPRS, The Fluency Fast selfcoaching webinar was an invaluable training tool and I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to attend. The first two student tasks of the class are assessing how much time the teacher spends in the target language and measuring the teacher’s comprehensibility. What an eye-opener! With the help of tools from the class guide, my students helped me gain a new understanding of exactly how much time I was speaking in L2, how my pacing worked for them (hint, slow down!) and how much they were actually understanding. Then, I set personal goals about how much growth I wanted to achieve in these areas.  – February 2019

I have reached a new level of awareness with my own usage of L1 in the classroom. The class helped me to be rigorous with myself in a way that I desired in the past but had never achieved. By studying with the experts and having accountability with the class, I have never felt so intentional in my teaching! My habit is to be in L2 at all times, and I force myself to think twice, as I ask my students to do the same, when I consider switching to L1. Is it an emergency? How can I deliver my message, comprehensibly, in L2? At this point, it actually feels ‘weird’ to speak in English during instruction because I’ve self-coached my way into the new habits I always hoped I could cultivate.  – February 2019

Thank you to Karen Rowan for your sharing your knowledge and putting together such a fine cast of experts for us to learn from. I highly recommend this course.” Elizabeth Mehlin High School Spanish Jessieville, AR, February, 2019

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