NEW! Reader’s Theater Webinar Flow Creates Pictures in Their Heads


Originally recorded as part of Comprehensible- Online.com, this Reader’s Theater webinar gives, Flow Creates Pictures in Their Heads, the step-by step directions and accompanies the about to be published E-book “The Fluency Fast Guide to Reader’s Theater.”

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Julie Adelman
Thank you for this presentation. It definitely helped envision the sequencing of introducing a reading while still maintaining the tenets of CI/TPRS. This was my first year really pushing reading and FVR, but I am concerned that I have inadvertently led my students to a translation-based view of reading. I hope implementing these steps can give them a new perspective
Carmen Vecchitto
Karen, thank you for this great explanation! I am looking forward to trying this. Question: especially for books like Don Quixote and the Isabella books, is the idea to do readers theater for each and every chapter? So you are breaking up each chapter with the acting? Also, is it recommended to act out full chapters, or just single scenes? Thank you!
Angela Bougher
Thank you Karen, I love the idea of Reader´s Theater and All the Worlds a Stage but I was not just not sure how to excute. I mean, I have tried my own versions with limited success. The reason for my post was to say that I laughed out loud when you said “The kids must be silent during All the World´s a Stage and if you are yelling over them it is wrong”. I might have tried it and I might have been yelling over the kids…. Next time I will get it right. Whoops!


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