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This 82 page book was originally published by Teacher’s Discovery in 2019.  The copyright was returned to the author in 2020.  The book is being sold for half it’s original price.  It is now $19.99.   If you would like all of the accompanying webinars and workshops on Reader’s Theater along with this reader, that is $39.95.

Paint Pictures in Their Minds with Reader’s Theater by Karen Rowan

The brave Don Quijote in his cardboard armor levels a pool noodle at the monstrous windmills and charges! The windmills (who are students moving their arms) giggle. The audience chants, “Don Quijote! Don Quijote!” No one fumbles a line of dialogue and everyone connects the spoken words with the written words, because the actors hold written speech bubbles that you, the teacher, read aloud. It’s Don Quijote performed as Reader’s Theater: reading comes alive with props, sound effects, and live action!

Engaged readers, passionate readers, readers who really love reading—these readers see the action in books unfold in their minds and experience reading as a pleasurable state of “flow.” By removing barriers to comprehension and creating the conditions for students to visualize and immerse themselves in what they read, you’ll be giving them the opportunity to become engaged readers and fully reap the considerable benefits of reading.

Developing engaged readers in the world language classroom is possible with Reader’s Theater! Expert TPRS/CI teacher Karen Rowan shows you how, from choosing passages and creating the maximum ambience for those passages, to planning them out step-by-step: making them comprehensible, preparing for them by introducing the pertinent vocab ahead of time, and providing the proper scaffolding for students to ultimately be able to read independently and voraciously.

©2019. English. Suitable for any world language teacher. Examples are given in Spanish. 82 pages. Print Book: Spiral-bound. 8.5 x 11 inches.


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