QTalk with Maurice Hazan Friday

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Maurice Hazan, owner of QTalk and co-creator of QTalk Storymaker, a Comprehension-Based Storytelling software program, lives in China with his wife and daughter.  On February 5th he made a video for us of what was happening in China, providing a glimpse into the future.  This story about a girl stuck at home during the quarantine and how her parents entertain her with hide and seek was created by Middle School students.  Access is free right now.  Teachers can co-create stories and add their own audio.  Teachers can share their stories and cooperatively lesson plan.  This will give you a hands on walk through of the program and a team of people to co-create lessons with.  This session will give you and your students immediate ways to create stories together an enough support to start immediately.  Pre-registration required.

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