X-treme Personalization Course with Karen Rowan


Webinar 1 on Personalizing the World Language Classroom.

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Two pre-recorded webinars on personalization and Spinning a Story on your Feet for Comprehension-based teachers using TPR Storytelling, Circling or just looking for new ways to connect with students.
Includes a 30 minute demo of a live class in which Karen Rowan is spinning a story by asking questions of the class and coaching actor who act out the story.  Accompanying notes about the live class with vocab list and notes with time stamps about specific techniques used.
What people are saying about this webinar:
Iris Cortes
Thank you, Karen. These hacks will definitely help me get through this final quarter and help me reshape my fall semester.
leslie caulfield
Great video – thank you so much for the amazing ideas!
Carrie Reams
Thank you so much for the valuable information. I struggle to get all of my students involved in our stories and activities. There are so many ideas here that I can use!
Carly Edelman
Hey Karen! Thank you so much, this was great! I also love bachata and salsa dancing ?
Alyssa Kleissler
I am loving your classes! I love how you are connecting with the students. I’m also inspired now to take those questionnaires back out and understand how I can get info like pet names & such into stories. Thank you! Looking forward to learning more from you!


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