Isabela captura un congo TEACHER’S GUIDE

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CD-ROM with blackline student pages, vocabulary lists, video clips, photos, a video book and suggestions for props, scenes to act out a complete, scripted introductory TPR lesson.

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The real Teacher’s Guide is a CD-Rom with video clips, a 10 minute video story for movietalk, 220 photos from Costa Rica and worksheets and activities on experiential learning, and cross-curricular extension activities.  It was not designed to be uploaded like this.  Most of the contents are here, but the photos would not upload.  If you want the real guide, you can order it here:  and it will be shipped to you.

It is in this sloppy format so that teachers can access it while we are all trying to teach from home.


No permission is granted to post any part of this teacher’s guide online on any publicly accessible website.  Please vehemently protect the copyrights of authors by refusing to make materials accessible outside of your immediate class environment, virtual or physical.   Permission is granted to use this guide to make lesson planning easier and to give your own students more access.


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