Intermediate Spanish Independent Study with Jason Fritze and Karen Rowan

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These three classes are offered for the price of one so that those who want to increase their Spanish on their own time between live classes or simultaneously have access to 21 additional hours of recorded classes, readings, downloadable audio files and simple readers.

Included courses:

  1. Intermediate Low Spanish Denver 6-19 with Karen Rowan (Filmed live.  Book:  Don Quijote, el último caballero) Approx. 7 hours.
  2. Intermediate Spanish for Classroom Teachers and French Teachers (Filmed live on Zoom with Karen Rowan and Dahiana Castro.  Reading materials including draft of one full reader by Karen Rowan and  first two chapters of a draft of Pajón, a new book by Dahiana Castro and Karen Rowan are loaded into class contents. Vocabulary for classroom teachers.)  Approximately 6 hours.
  3. Intermediate-High Spanish with Jason Fritze (Filmed live.  Focused on the past tense.  No reader.  Stories are written together in class.) Approx. 8 hours

Recommended purchase:

Don Quijote, el ultimo caballero Karen Rowan Spanish Language

$8.00  $7.00 when purchased directly from the publisher.  Please peruse other books that may be interesting to you.  Reading comprehensible novels is the fastest way to rapidly increase your vocabulary while taking these classes.

It is recommended to add live Intermediate classes when available.  Our current class begins in April, 2021 on Monday nights, live on Zoom with Dahiana Castro and Justin Slocum-Bailey.

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