Intermediate-High Spanish, Denver, November 30-December 7


Wednesday, November 30, Intermediate Spanish HIGH, session 4 and 5 / session 1 (4 hours, 4:00-8:00) ($150.00)
Thursday, Dec 1, Intermediate Spanish HIGH, session 6 / session 2 (3.5 hours, 4:00-7:30)
Friday, Dec 2 Intermediate Spanish 2, session 7 / session 3 (3 hours 4:00-7:00)
Saturday, Dec 3 Intermediate Spanish 2, session 8 / session 4 ( 4.5 hours 8:30am-1pm)
Wednesday, Dec 7 Intermediate Spanish 2, session 9 / session 5 (2.5 hours, 4:00-6:30)

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<p class="p1"><i>This is the highest level we offer during the school year. &nbsp;(Advanced is offered over the summer.) It involves additional reading in a variety of tenses. &nbsp;Each participant reads at his or her own level, so regardless of how well you are speaking at this point, you can still attend. &nbsp;Classes are conducted the same way — we tell stories, we read, the instructor asks questions, the participants answer them to the best of their ability. &nbsp;We have a great deal of fun, laugh a lot and now have the language ability to make things up — secrets, lies, rumors. &nbsp;We have the vocabulary to have debates, to disagree, to comment on each other’s thoughts. &nbsp;This class is run on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, with all work being finished by the last class, the following Wednesday. &nbsp;This class uses all tenses, expands vocabulary and leaves time between classes for writing. &nbsp;Students who eventually wish to sit for the DPS exam should inform the instructor at the start of class for additional prep work.</i><span class="s1"><b><i>&nbsp;</i></b></span></p>


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