How to Write a CI Novel, 3 week series CISOS


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Fridays April 17, April 24, May 1 3pm Mountain

Mondays, April 20, April 27,  May 4 2:00pm Mountain

Themes:  Writing as a craft.  Writing schedule, outlining, story-mapping.  Considering equity in writing. Researching location, culture and history.  Fact-checking.  Writing from a consistent point of view. character development, editing vs copyediting, illustrating, creating a glossary, publishing vs. self-publishing. Slowing down.  Letting the story rest.  Re-researching.  Re-writing. Editing.  Re-writing.  Second incubation period.

Beta reading, classroom pilots, how to get feedback from pilots, what to do with it.  Re-writing.  Editing. Proofreading.

Multiple published authors have been invited to participate.  Let’s get rolling on all of those ideas you have!

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