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Already have a little French?  You are ready for this intermediate class.   $199.00 Early-bird

Our next French course is going to be about discovering Louisiana.  Did you know that French is still spoken in this Southern state in the U.S.? French culture is still  and kicking in Louisiana . Two dialects of French are spoken there: Cajun French and Creole French.  We’ll explore those two French dialects (or maybe distinct languages). We’ll talk about the historical and cultural factors that led to the development and preservation of these linguistic traditions.  Unique cultural traditions in Louisiana have French roots, such as Mardi Gras and Zydeco music. We’ll also discover the blend of French, African, and Native American influences in the region’s cuisine, music, and dance — all in comprehensible French.

Clifton Chenier and  Ida Lewis Guillory, musicians and Mary Alice Fontenot, a writer, are famous Francophones from Louisiane, highlighted in Carla Tarini’s books Qui Parle Francais, 1 and 2.   Do you know any Louisiana Cajun recipes ?   Have you ever read Afro-Creole Poetry in French from Louisiana’s Radical Civil War-Era Newspapers?  They were published in 2020 by The Historic New Orleans Collection. This sheltered subject matter comprehensible French class will delve into aspects of Louisiana you’ve never seen before

Recommended books Qui parle français? by Carla Tarini, Books 1 and 2  highlighting Clifton Chenier and Ida Lewis Guillory, musicians and Mary Alice Fontenot, a writer.

and Une obsession dangereuse

Françoise’s obsession with alligators is a bit concerning, but when she plans a face-to-face encounter, it becomes downright dangerous. As she and her friend Monique secretly venture out into the bayou for an alligator encounter, they discover that both alligators and the bayou are much safer when viewed on TV ! Françoise finds herself in a life-or-death situation, and her only hope for survival rests on the wits of a 13- year-old girl. For the ADVANCED BEGINNER

beginner / intermediate Recommended book for Intermediate-High / Advanced: Au Pays du Rougarou

This French 2+ novel, written in the past tense, is a story of legend, adventure, and love. When Jean-Christophe leaves his native France to study a year in Louisiana, he has no idea that he will be learning more than the American language and culture. He will learn the hard way that some legends are true, that love is complicated, and that sometimes your worst fear will continue to haunt you for a long time. When you open this book, you will step into the Bayou and discover the adventure that awaits…

Sunday, 9am PACIFIC time

Sunday, February 11
Sunday, February 18
Sunday, February 25
Sunday, March 3

Sunday, March 10
Sunday,  March 17
Sunday,  March 24 – no class
Sunday,  March 31, no class (Easter)
Sunday, April 7
Sunday,  April 14


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