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Benjamin Tinsley, Incorporating AfroFranco Culture in the French Classroom from Level 1

Carla Tarini Qui Parle Francais
with demo by Daniel Kline Dubois and Sabrina Janzcak


Abdel Khila and Dahiana Castro Francophone
Products & Practices through CI : Le caftan marocain

We will look beyond predominant francophone culture(s), discussing cultural products and authentic resources from Morocco.

A breadth of resources and photos can be embedded in the practice of teaching, allowing teachers to easily discuss deep culture in the target language through the lens of Comprehensible Input by using simple visuals,  authentic sources, Personalized Questions and Answers, Picture Talk and short comprehensible texts to introduce a cultural product specific to Morocco.

Additional session by Sabrina Sebban Janczak  on writing Personalized Stories will be added to this French package when it is recorded.  Technical difficulties prevented live recording.