FREE 90 minute Spanish class


Considering our pre-recorded or live Beginning Spanish class? Sample a Day 1 90 minute lesson with accompanying materials for leaners.

If you are a teacher wanting to start with Total Physical Response and TPRS, Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling, this demo lesson comes with a downloadable script and template for creating a Day 1 lesson.

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This 90 minute beginning class uses Total Physical Response and mini-stories on day 1, minute 1.  For teachers, it shows how to begin a class entirely in the target language.  The recording has an accompanying script for teachers to use as a template to teach the same lesson.  The class can also be shown to students in classes as either a lesson or as homework.  The same video can be found on Youtube without the accompanying downloadable handouts.

Language students will get an idea of what our classes are like by watching and participating.  If after watching this video you would like to take another class, we have live and pre-recorded classes.


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