Every Moment Matters with Faith Laux (pre-recorded) aka “La Sustituta” Watch Now


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Every Moment Matters

Faith Laux has been enthusiastically teaching with comprehensible input for over 10 years. Every year she harnesses her perfectionistic tendencies to create order amid the chaos in life and her classroom. Conversely she also revels in the unplanned, improvised and spontaneous. Originally from Florida, she now resides in the midwest as she relishes the balmy winters.

How does your ideal classroom run? What would it take to be satisfied at the end of each day? What tools would you need to create your vision? In this workshop we will explore ideas, techniques and tools from master teachers around the country that you can adapt to your style and implement immediately. Creating an environment that facilitates the flow of comprehensible input is a key factor in supporting language acquisition. This session will dive into concrete tools that help us take advantage of every moment we have with our students. This is an opportunity to put the pieces together to creating intuitive classroom systems that maximize your classroom management, student engagement and transitions.

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