Elementary Spanish for Heritage learners or children in Dual Language Programs Jason Fritze (Pre-recorded)

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Live registration has closed.  Students are welcome to watch the recording of this class or teachers may observe.  250 minutes total contact time, plus links to Flipgrid videos and songs for extra input.  (Agen Workshop registration for teachers remains open until July 26)

Jason Fritze will teach Elementary Spanish for 3rd grade – 7th graders July 20-24 as part of the Agen Workshop.

[Classes are 7:30am-8:20am, Incoming 4th grade through 12 years old, Beginners. (California time) ]

8:40am-9:30am Pacific time (11:40 Eastern).  3rd grade- Middle School Heritage / Dual-language non-beginners

Students will be assigned to groups after registering based on age and exposure to previous Spanish.  Each class will run approximately 45 minutes and students will have access to out-of-class opportunities.  Maximum in each class is 30

Teachers are welcome to observe (cameras off) with registration to the Agen Workshop.

By registering your child for this course you consent to recording on Zoom.  Students will remove their last name’s from the recording before beginning and names to not appear on the recording.   By purchasing a seat in this class, your child is agreeing to attend and participate with video on.  This class doubles as a methodology course for language teachers registered for the Agen Workshop, so participation is essential.

The email address registered here is the address with access to the course.  You may use your own email address and help your child / children to log in.


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