Classroom Management for the CI Classroom Ebook Jon Cowart


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So you’ve heard all the ways that utilizing CI is the most effective strategy to instill a life-long love of learning language. You’re aware of the benefits, but what does this look like in a productive, controlled classroom? Jon Cowart, a language educator with nine years of experience teaching and coaching teachers in Spanish and humanities courses, gives second language teachers an easy to digest and immediately implementable guide that will surely change the entire climate of a CI classroom. This book covers critical pillars that every CI teacher needs to be successful, starting with examining your mindset, to how to invest students, to what to do when you you accidentally blurt out a too-provocative question and all of your students erupt in chaos, screaming out answers in English (we’ve all been there). At any point in the school year, you can open this book and find a gem of a strategy that will take you another step closer to being the most effective leader of your second language classroom.

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