Classroom Management Course with Jon Cowart January 2023



Classroom Management Course with Jon Cowart January 2022

Get ready for 2nd semester and come back from break with support.  Pre-recorded videos can be watched in advance or weekly.  Weekly live Q and As with Jon Cowart on Zoom in January / February 2023.

Classroom Management Strategies and behavior management in the World Language Classroom.

Step by step instructions, strategies, teacher power moves, video examples, etc. to help you improve your classroom management.

4 hour-long pre-recorded instructional videos. 1 video per week. Includes a download of the entire classroom management book by Jon Cowart and in-class videos.

January 14 – Week 1 – Teacher Power Moves

January 21 – Week 2- Structures and Systems

January 28 – Week 3 – Engaging all Students.

February 4- Week 4 – Managing Whole Class Discussion

Each week has an hour pre-recorded video and an hour live discussion on Saturday mornings at 9am Pacific. You will NOT receive email reminders.  The Zoom link will be in your Teachable account when you register.   Set calendar reminders when you register.  Log in to Teachable to view pre-recorded videos at .   Log in on Zoom at 9am PACIFIC.  Date subject to change and extend into February.