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$350 worth of courses if purchased individually.  On sale for $150.00 until August 31.  Credit hours through the University of the Pacific are $62 per credit hour for 1, 2 or 3 credits.  Full registrants are invited to Cooperative Lesson Planning Sessions in June.

Synchronous and Asychronous Distance Learning with Comprehension-Based Communicative Language Teaching

Comprehension-Based, Communicative Language Teaching (11)


________ Key Questions in Second Language Acquisition, Dr. Bill VanPatten

________ Relaxed Input  Justin Slocum Bailey

________ Every Moment Matters, Faith Laux

________ Tandem Teaching —  Sabrina Janzcak and Daniel Dubois

________ It’s all about the Questions Justin Slocum-Bailey

________  Even More Ways to Use Pictures Justin Slocum-Bailey

________ Movietalk:  Ageless, Timeless, Priceless Allison Litten

________ Movietalk High School Allison Litten

________ Reading Strategies to Extend Clip Chats

_____ CI with Equity in Mind with Rachelle Adams and Anna Gilcher, Elevated Consulting

______   Staying Connected with Students with Tech Alina Filipescu and Dahiana Castro (SS)

_____ Storytelling Made Easy on Zoom, Jan Holter Kittok (SS)

________ CCLT Independent Preparation and Lesson Planning

Student Relationships / Personalization (3)

________ Fostering Resiliency a Trauma Responsive WL Classroom Leslie Kronemeyer

________ Flipping the CI and Personalizing with Flipgrid with Jason Fritze

________ Creating Story Characters and Personalized Readings with Snap Camera (SS)  with Karen Rowan

________ Student Relationship Independent Preparation and Lesson Planning

CI with Technology for Sychronous or Asychronous Teaching (14)

________Tips on Transitioning to Distance Learning Jason Fritze

________ Take a Trip!  Geo Tools for an Immersion Experience Leslie Davison


________Way Cool Ways to use Virtual Backgrounds to Provide Input (Sane Saturday) (Synchronous or Asychronous) Justin Slocum Bailey


________Snap Camera Annabelle Williamson (Sane Saturday)

________Loom Darcy Pippins (Sane Saturday)

________ Screencastify Dahiana Castro (Sane Saturday)

________ 10 Slide Stories (Picturetalk) Greg Gross

________ QTalk Storymaker — co-creating visual stories instantly Maurice Hazan

_______ How to do CI Classes Online Elissa McLean

____ Diane Neubauer,   Teaching on-line with Zoom (SS)

Favorites with live classes over 6 years: using images & drawing

Planning a week at a time: what to do together live, & what students do on their own


_____ Peardeck, Elicia Cardenas (SS)

_____ Google Classroom with Dahiana Castro (SS)


______  Charlala with Rachel Lucas (SS)

______ Access and Opportunity CI Technology to support accessibility in World Languages Maureen Gassert Lamb


_______ CI with Technology for Sychronous or Asychronous Teaching Independent Preparation and Lesson Planning

Mental Health (1)

________ 10 Minute Meditation Jason Bond

________ Strategies for Staying Positive La Maestra Loca, Annabelle Williamson

________ Mental Health Independent Preparation and Lesson Planning


Providing CI Through Games (4)

________ How to Play Mafia on-line Greg Gross

________Making Distance Learning Fun, AnneMarie Chases

________ My Favorite Brain Breaks Annabelle Williamson

________ Comprehensible Games Andrea Schweitzer (SS)

________ CI with Games Independent Preparation and Lesson Planning

Classroom Management (2)

________ Comprehensible Classroom Management, Annabelle Williamson

________ Classroom Management 101 Jon Cowart

________ Classroom Management Independent Preparation and Lesson Planning


Lesson Planning (2)

________ Backward Design Made Crazy Easy  Justin Slocum Bailey

________ Covid19 Plans  Annabelle Williamson

________ Independent Preparation and Lesson Planning

Specific to Elementary (2)

________ Movie talk for Elementary, Allison Litten

________ Reading in the Elementary Classroom Allison Litten

(________Tips on Transitioning to Distance Learning Jason Fritze)

________Independent Preparation and Lesson Planning for Elementary


TOTAL HOURS ____42 contact, 60 total

Karen Rowan, Fluency Fast Language Classes, [email protected]