CISOS Booster for Teachers PRE_RECORDED




Mini-webinars for teachers as boosters to the CISOS Fundraiser from March-June, 2020.

Wednesday, December 9, 7pm Colorado time (6pm Pacific, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern) Leslie Davison, Google Walking Tour of El Chico Global. Instructional AND demo. (This recording can be used IN classes as teaching content. )

Dahiana Castro Bookwidgets – 15 minutes. Download trial prior to demo
Allison Litten “Seated Brain Breaks.” – 2 minutes
Allison Litten, “Steps to get beginning readers to read” – 15 minutes

La Maestra Loca Annabelle Williams – Mmhmm
La Maestra Loca Annabelle Williams – New Brain Breaks

On sale $15.00