CISOS Booster for Teachers

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On these dates we will be running mini-webinars for teachers as boosters to the CISOS Fundraiser from March-June, 2020.  There is no charge for the live webinars.  They will be available for purchase in January, 2020

Wednesday, December 9, 7pm Colorado time (6pm Pacific, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern) Leslie Davison, Google Walking Tour of El Chico Global. Instructional AND demo. (This recording can be used IN classes as teaching content. )

Saturday, December 12, 9am Pacific time, Carol Bausor, Ted Talk speaker and Toastmaster’s keynote speaker. How to be a Better Presenter – 30 minutes

Saturday, December 12, 10am Pacific time, Justin Slocum-Bailey,  Are People Seeing What You Want Them to See? – 30 minutes

Saturday, December 12, 11am Pacific time

HOUR ONE (11am-12pm Pacific)
Justin Slocum-Bailey Streamline learning in Zoom with 2 Advanced Screen Sharing Features
Allison Litten “Seated Brain Breaks.” – 2 minutes
Leslie Kronemeyer – Booster to Brain-based Trauma Teaching  – 15 minutes

HOUR TWO (12pm-1pm Pacific)
Dahiana Castro Bookwidgets – 15 minutes. Download trial prior to demo
Allison Litten “Seated Brain Breaks.” – 2 minutes
Allison Litten, “Steps to get beginning readers to read” – 15 minutes

HOUR THREE (1pm-2pm Pacific)
La Maestra Loca Annabelle Williams – Mmhmm
La Maestra Loca Annabelle Williams – New Brain Breaks

Tina Hargaden – pre-recorded

Saturday evening Sane Saturday Social, 5pm Pacific time, hosted by Allison Litten.  Social, support, commiseration, cocktails and karaoke.

Wednesday, December 16 5pm Colorado time. Jade Alexander, Professional Videography Consultant  30 minutes plus 15 minutes coaching of pre-submitted 1 minute videos.

Bold sessions specifically address presentation skills for conferences and online presentations.

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