Beginning-High French (pre-recorded)


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Sabrina Sebban-Janzcak and Daniel Kline Dubois team teach an on-line French course by Zoom.  Subscription includes 9 1 hour videos at a Beginning-High / Intermediate-Low level.  Downloadable audios are available for 8 classes (technical difficulties).  The on-going chat box of comprehension checks is also downloadable as a text file.  Includes 17 pages of accompanying class stories.


What people are saying about this course:

“I thought the double teaching was such a great idea and worked terrifically for me.” David Shultz

“I love the class. Je l’aime.” Contee Seely

“I believe is the most efficient way to teach an online class. Since there are a lot of students and the community building is harder to create because we are not face to face, I feel very self-conscious when I have to speak, so knowing that there are two teachers and that they will hold the weight of the dialogue gives me peace of mind.
I find it a very efficient use of time as well, because we don’t need an inexperienced student actor (since we are not face to face it is hard for the teacher to coach the student actor and help him with the answers), so in this case, having two teachers makes it a more pedagogical approach as they both know what they are doing. Between both of them they build a community easier and they can keep in the class in the TL 100%. These are all pluses.
I have loved this experience a lot!!!!” – Adriana Ramirez