Language Classes Advanced Spanish for Adults with Adriana Ramirez 3/23-3/26

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Adriana Ramirez, the author of El Camino del Café, with host a mini Advanced Spanish immersion class for adults.

Advanced Spanish for Adults with Adriana Ramirez,

Order Materials:  El camino del café,  $8.50
Binge watch the Colombian Netflix series Jugar con Fuego (Playing with Fire).
6 hour course, recorded Summer 2019

$24.00  (Suggested additional reading Rigo, El Condor de los Andes and El Entierro.  Other titles by Adriana, Me Perdí en Medellín and Julio.)  Note:  Jugar con Fuego is not intended to be used with students.  Adults should know that the 10 episodes of this telenovela are inappropriate and scandalous by high school standards and this is only an adult class.   There are 10 45 minute episodes.

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