2024 Student Self-Regulation instead of Classroom Management


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Student Self-Regulation instead of Classroom Management with Hélène Colinet

Integrating Polyvagal Theory into Language Teaching: Enhancing the Acquisition Process for Learners and Teachers

Overview: In this engaging and interactive online workshop, participants will explore the synergy between the principles of language acquisition and the Polyvagal Theory. By understanding the connection between these two areas, language teachers can create more effective and supportive learning environments for their students, while also enhancing their own teaching practices.

Facilitator: Hélène Colinet

  • An experienced language educator with a background in language acquisition.
  • A certified expert in the application of the Polyvagal Theory in educational settings.
  • A passion for helping teachers optimize their teaching methods.
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When:  By Zoom Saturdays in MAY

Workshop Objectives:

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of language acquisition from a cognitive and emotional perspective.
  2. Explore the Polyvagal Theory and its implications for language learning.
  3. Discover practical strategies to implement Polyvagal-informed teaching techniques.
  4. Foster a safe and nurturing classroom environment to promote language acquisition.
  5. Improve their own teaching practices by incorporating Polyvagal principles.

Workshop Outline:

Session 1: Understanding Language Acquisition & Exploring the polyvagal theory ( 60 minutes)

  • Key factors that influence language acquisition.
  • Introduction to the Polyvagal Theory.
  • How the autonomic nervous system affects learners and teachers.
  • The link between emotional regulation and language acquisition.
  • Discover your profile in TPV (= theory polyvagal)

Session 2: Integrating Polyvagal Theory into Language Teaching (60 minutes)

  • Practical strategies for creating a safe and supportive classroom environment.
  • Techniques to reduce learner anxiety and promote engagement.
  • Case studies and examples of Polyvagal-informed teaching.

Session 3: Enhancing Your Teaching Practice (60 minutes)

  • Self-assessment: Reflecting on your current teaching methods.
  • Goal setting: Incorporating Polyvagal principles into your teaching practice.
  • Resources and further reading for ongoing professional development.

Interactive Elements:

  • Group discussions and breakout sessions.
  • Q&A sessions with the instructor.
  • Real-world examples and case studies.


  • Workshop slides and handouts.
  • Recommended readings and resources.

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for language teachers of all levels and languages who want to enhance their teaching effectiveness and create a more emotionally supportive learning environment for their students.

Delivery Format: This workshop will be conducted online via a secure video conferencing platform (Zoom), allowing participants from around the world to join.