2022 Beginning Spanish on Zoom with online resources March-May


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This course is perfect for beginners to Spanish.  We meet twice a week for 30 minutes live.   Students work through a self-paced curriculum of videos, readings, songs, comic books and short readers, progressing from true beginners (novice-low) to novice-high at their own pace.  It includes access to a Señor Wooly account with dozens of songs, page-long readings, three illustrated books and endless optional exercises as well as a Teachable account with more than 20 hours of additional resources, a full comprehensible novel and many other resources.

Our independent study courses have a high completion rate when accompanied with regular live meetings on Zoom.

What other people are saying about this class:

The live classes are the perfect length for attendance, a variety of materials for continued independent study, and repetition and pacing of material in the class worked well for me. I love this class! I feel like I’ve learned so much. It is an excellent setup to learn as an adult.  I feel like I have what a need to continue to improve and learn- audio, video, reading materials, variety of content.
– Sharon, Ohio

You did a great job helping us learn by encouraging class participation, keeping the level of conversation uncomplicated and by repeating the dialogue over and over. Also what helped was explaining why certain words and phrases are said the way they are and your tips on how to remember certain words. The Fluency Fast method of learning is better, faster, and more fun than any other way of learning Spanish. I also appreciated the amount of independent study material given to me. The good thing is, I can still have material to focus on even though class has ended.  I will take this class again. The live class helps me speak the Spanish in conversation. – Richard, New York

I learned how to have some basic conversation through the live classes – very helpful! This set up works well for me. I do well with independent study “deadlines.” So giving assignments on Señor Wooly and/or a suggestion of how much other material to complete per week is very helpful.
-Elisha, Colorado

Classes:  5-5:30 Mountain (4-4:30 Pacific / 6-6:30 Central / 7-7:30 Eastern)

Week 1: March 21,  March 23
Week 2: March 28, March 30
Week 3: — no class
Week 4: April 11, April 13
Week 5: April 18,  April 20
Week 6: April 25, April 27
Week 7: May 2, May 4