2022 Basics of TPRS / CI RETURNEE



If you attended in 2021 and would like to join our  twice monthly Saturday morning Zoom courses without paying for Teachable files a second time, you can join between  September 28 and October 7 for $50.00.  5 meetings per semester.  10 meetings total.   Attend all or drop in to whichever session you’d like a refresher on or if you see new content (a session we didn’t do in 2021).


Before class 1:
Homework: Review content in Teachable account. fluencyfast.teachable.com
All class content will be here. You will not receive email reminders. Please save these first semester dates. 1 session per semester maximum may be made up by watching the video. You can work ahead on anything you would like to.

October 1, Karen, Adriana and Dahiana
Week 1: 9:30am-11am Pacific time / 12:30-2pm Eastern
Basics of TPR Storytelling / Comprehensible Input

October 15, Karen
Week 2: 9:30am-11am Pacific time / 12:30-2pm Eastern
TPR (model, delay modeling, remove modeling) & the basics of a story with problem/location/solution

October 29, Adriana
Week 3: Saturday, 9:30am-11am Pacific time / 12:30-2pm Eastern
Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling


November 12, Dahiana
Week 4: Saturday, 9:30am-11am Pacific time / 12:30-2pm Eastern
Other ways to provide CI (at all levels)


December 3, Karen
Week 4: Saturday, 9:30am-11am Pacific time / 12:30-2pm Eastern
Personalization / Spinning a Story with Personalized details about students

WEEK 1 Syllabus and homework attached

University credit is available at the END of this course for $69 per credit hour. 2 credits are available for attending all classes !5) and doing the in-your-own-classroom application and completing the homework assignments (reading, podcasts, webinars) (15). Additional books have been uploaded into your Teachable account. Completing all content, including reading the included books and watching the bonus webinars for 15 additional hours is 3 total credit. Up to 4 total credits are available IF the first two credits are completed. (i.e. you can’t get extra credit / independent study hours if you didn’t attend the class or do the homework, but if you did you can also get 2 more independently). All reflections required to prove work was done are in the form of checklists (see attached Week 1 syllabus for an example).

TIME COMMITMENT for The Basics of TPRS / CI:

How much time do we expect you to invest outside of your classroom application?
7.5 hours per semester contact time on Zoom
About 7.5 hours per semester homework ( completing the worksheets, reading, listening to podcasts / watching videos)
How much time to we expect you to invest IN your classroom?
All of it. You’re already teaching. Between classes you will work on ONE skill. When you master the first one, you’ll move on to the second one. If you master 2 skills or 20 in a year, you’ll still only work on one at a time when you’re already teaching anyway