2022 Basics of TPR Storytelling / Comprehensible Input (Middle School, High School and adult levels) PRE-RECORDED



Basics of TPR Storytelling / Comprehensible Input (Middle School, High School and adult levels)

Are you new to CI? Have you heard of it but are not sure how to implement it? What are the implications of teaching with CI methodologies? What is the theory that supports this approach? What are the main skills you need to develop to start your CI journey? What does it look like in beginners, intermediate and advanced classes? Come and join us in this live series that will help you, little by little, walk the path of teaching with CI methodologies.

We all have Zoom fatigue anyway, so we’ve designed a course based on the most successful trainings we’ve ever done live.  Over the course of a school year (October – March) join us for just 90 minutes twice a month.  In the 2 weeks between classes, apply what you’ve learned daily and track your progress.   We’ll start with the basics and add skills one at a time.  Focus on only one thing at a time.  The course is designed to give you all of the content of a full 3-day workshop plus time to actually read the books on how to implement TPRS and Comprehension-based teaching.  Materials are included as well as pre-recorded webinars.   We have used this system with school districts, combining teaching strategies, practice and coaching with reading so that the 10 live webinars and additional resources add up to 4 university credits.  We follow the 80/20 principle. Just 20% of what you are doing is yielding 80% of your results.   We will help you laser focus on your strengths so that you can work less and your students will acquire more.

Adriana Ramírez, Dahiana Castro and Karen Rowan will lead this series. Each one will bring her experience, knowledge, and personal touch.

$199 including $60 in materials (Ebooks or print books, shipping separate) until August 31, 2022.   $219.00 after September 1.
(Class novel set required for hands-on application of strategies learned.  Discount on purchase at www.CommandPerformanceBooks.com or use a previously acquired class set.)

Up to  2-3 university credits available for $62 per credit hour

Saturdays, 9:30am-11am Pacific time  / 12:30-2pm Eastern,

(subject to minor changes as we adjust to the needs of the participants)

Time commitment: 3 hours per month live attendance (15 total hours).  Approximately 1-2 hours per week out of-class work plus in-school application to classroom teaching. Total: 15-30

OCTOBER 2022 Recording
 Karen, Adriana and Dahiana
 Basics of TPR Storytelling / Comprehensible Input

TPR (model, delay modeling, remove modeling) & the basics of a story with problem/location/solution

Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling

NOVEMBER 2022 Recording
Other ways to provide CI (at all levels)

DECEMBER 2022 Recording
Personalization /  Spinning a Story with Personalized details about students

JANUARY 2023 Recording
Week 6: Saturday,  January 7,  2022, 9:30am-11am Pacific time  / 12:30-2pm Eastern
 Reading (at all levels)

Week 7: , January 21 9:30am-11am Pacific time  / 12:30-2pm Eastern
Reading cont. / Writing and Accuracy

FEBRUARY 2023 Recording
Week 8:  February 4 Upper levels, Adriana
9:30am-11am Pacific time  / 12:30-2pm Eastern

Week 9:  February 18 Culturally Responsive Classroom Management options for language classes
9:30am-11am Pacific time  / 12:30-2pm Eastern

MARCH 2023 Recording

March 4, 2023
Week 10:    Wrapping up
9:30am-11am Pacific time  / 12:30-2pm Eastern