2021 Teaching Reading, Creating Content Preparing an Inclusive, Comprehension-Based Curriculum for 2021



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Teaching Reading, Creating Content

Preparing an Inclusive, Comprehension-Based Curriculum for 2021

With CI Authors, Teachers and speakers  $98

2 University credits through the University of the Pacific, $62 per credit hour.

Presenters on Reading and Curriculum:


Kinvara Jardine Paterson, London.  The World’s Largest Lesson Plan 

This is change-the-world huge thinking and everyone needs to see it.  It’s free because the World’s Largest Lesson Plan is free and if CI teachers can incorporate BIG world-changing thinking by asking students to list all of the problems in the world and which is most important to them to solve and then finding content in the language you teach on that topic, student buy-in to change-the-world thinking on whatever topic is appropriate for their age group and your school environment, our students could join 17 million other students already participating all over the world and we really can change the world.  ANY level.  Work with other teachers to create new content in your language.  (This session was super inspiring.).



•John Sifert,  Book Tasting:  Getting Student Buy-in on FVR

•Bryce Hedstrom (also available inside of the #CIReboot or as a stand-alone for $8)
Free Voluntary Reading / Pleasure Reading logistics

Creating and Maintaining Your Self Selected Reading Program Following Dr. Mason’s presentation on Guided Self-Selected Reading, Bryce will walk through the ins and outs of building a classroom library. What does the teacher do while the students are reading? How often do you read? For how long? Can students check books out? Can I prevent them from falling apart? How should they be displayed? How do I make sure they are “accountable” for their reading? (Or do I?)


Dahiana Castro,  Reading Magic Tricks to make them Read and Re-read (1 hour)

Dahiana Castro, Backward Planning from a Novel (1 hour)

Karen Rowan and Jason Fritze, Reader’s Theater (3 webinars)

Leslie Davison, CI with Google Walking Tours Advanced Tips and Tricks (1 hour)

Margarita Pérez García, Teaching elementary novels through StoryListening (1 hour)

Jennifer Degenhardt and Theresa Marrama, It’s in There!:Using CI Readers as the basis for Curriculum (1 hour)

Adriana Ramirez, Teaching with CI Novels (2 hours)
Classroom novels are a very powerful tool to take students through a cultural journey that will open doors for them to see and understand a culture different from theirs. When reading a novel as a class we are also helping students with their process of language acquisition. We are facilitating a deeper understanding of the story, and we are giving them tools to make stronger connections and build robust mental representations.

For this experience to be successful some steps should be followed. In this workshop we will talk about different activities and experiences that will allow the teacher to scaffold the process of reading a novel as a class.

Adriana will share with teachers different activities and experiences to help them build an atmosphere for students to fall in love with both the culture and the story behind each CI novel. Since this is a shorter workshop, I will focus on very practical activities and share with teachers tips and ideas, and then open the workshop for discussion among the participants.


How to Teach a Class Novel  / Classroom Library Bundle8 X $8 = $64.00

SALE $39.00


FRENCH BUNDLE  $32.00 SALE: $19.00

These sessions will blow French teachers away!

Benjamin Tinsley, Incorporating AfroFranco Culture in the French Classroom from Level 1. Check out Benjamin Tinsley’s webpage
Contact him about presenting for a conference.  Join the AfroFranco Book Club
How many French-speaking countries from the continent of Africa can your students identify on a map?  How many can your students correctly place on a map?  How many authors did you study in your college literature classes from African nations?  How can AfroFranco Culture be incorporated in the French classroom from Level 1?

Carla Tarini Qui Parle Francais? with demo by Daniel Kline Dubois and Sabrina Sebban Janczak
Step by step ideas for teaching the Qui Parle Francais simple biographies of important figures in the Francophone World, including a demo in French of an interview with Simone de Beauvoir. Carla Tarini breaks down exactly how to teach French biographies to beginners.

Sabrina Sebban Janczak, Writing Personalized Stories (To be recorded8/21)

BONUS: •#CIReboot Abdel Khila and Dahiana Castro Francophone (also available with the #CIReboot for $109 or as a an $8 stand-alone)
Products & Practices through CI : Le caftan marocain

We look beyond predominant francophone culture(s), discussing cultural products and authentic resources from Morocco.  Demo in French.

A breadth of resources and photos can be embedded in the practice of teaching, allowing teachers to easily discuss deep culture in the target language through the lens of Comprehensible Input by using simple visuals,  authentic sources, Personalized Questions and Answers, Picture Talk and short comprehensible texts to introduce a cultural product specific to Morocco.



Claudia Elliott,  The Basics of Comprehensible Input (session in Spanish)

Diego Ojeda, Trabajando con poesía comprensible en la clase de lengua (session in Spanish)

Kia London, Teaching with Las Voces Diversas de la Diáspora (in English)

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