2021 Summer Language Institute SPANISH TRACK


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SPANISH TRACK, Pacific time $119.00 until May 31st

1. Novice Spanish 8:30-9:15 break 9:45-10:30 break  with Jason Fritze and Niki Tottingham (Incoming 4th graders and up) Note that this class starts 30 minutes later to accommodate shorter attention spans for younger learners.
2. Intermediate Spanish, 8am-9am with Dahiana Castro and A.C. Quintero break 9:30am-10:30am break.  ¡La música y el baile!
3. Advanced Spanish with Adriana Ramirez, La Marimba de mi Abuelo, 8am-9am break  9:30-10:30am break
Self-Defense in Spanish with Justin Slocum-Bailey and Erica Peplinski-Burge, 10:45am-12:00pm

Partner for the self-defense class is recommended. Self-defense requires a partner.  Parents are invited to participate with their children.  Siblings are encouraged to sign up together.   Households can take different morning classes, but participate in self-defense together.
Surprise musical guests