Intermediate French SENEGAL Leopold Senghor PRE-RECORDED (21)


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Intermediate French with Sabrina Sebban Janczak, Daniel Kline Dubois and Carla Tarini on Leopold Senghor.  8 hours of recordings.

In 2019 Daniel and Sabrina began Tandem Teaching in Agen, France.  In Zoom classes for the last 2 years, with Carla Tarini, they have developed a teaching process where they tell stories to each other, taking on the characters co-created with students and integrating them with biographies of real French characters and geographical locations.  This class is on Leopold Senghor, first President of Senegal.  It includes an interview with Senghor (Daniel) by Sabrina, a Google Walking Tour of Senegal, a guided reading of a poem written by Senghor and a recipe for a Senegalese dish.

What people are saying about these classes:

This week’s Fluency Fast 4-day 8-hour intermediate French course was suberb! It was replete with French culture, ranging from what one may see on a bus ride on the famous Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris to “live” interviews with writers and philosophers Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre to the menu at the Café de Flore (where these two spent a lot of time) to a cooking class in which students could see Sabrina Janczak make a Tarte Tartin and make one themselves. All the while there was lots of amusing French patter between Sabrina and Daniel Dubois and lots of repetition, lots of comprehensible French. A great CI class! – Contee Seely

Sample interview of Sabrina playing the part of Simone de Beauvoir.  Interviewed by Daniel.