2021 CI Reboot Marta Ruiz Yedinak and Andrea Schweitzer “¡Cuéntame! Input Made Easy”


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Marta Ruiz Yedinak and Andrea Schweitzer
“¡Cuéntame! Input Made Easy”
Incorporating listening activities via a new engaging, content-based podcast, accessible to novice learners.


Marta Ruiz Yedinak is a Spanish National Board Certified Teacher, Kohl Fellow, and a WAFLT New Teacher Award recipient, but above all, she is a passionate provider of comprehensible input and a firm believer of teaching students, not curriculum. She loves sharing what she steals from brilliant minds to apply in her classroom, by presenting in various language conferences such as ACTFL, iFLT, WAFLT, CSCTFL, FLAND, MittenCI, and CIMW. Marta currently works for the Ripon Area School District. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from the Universidad Latina de América in Morelia, México, and a Master’s degree in Education through Viterbo University. She just started producing a podcast called ¡Cuéntame! to help her students polish their listening skills.

Andrea Schweitzer is completing her 17th year as a middle school Spanish teacher at St. Rita Catholic School in Dallas, TX. She’s passionate about learning, creating and implementing new ways of facilitating language acquisition with her students. When she’s not geeking out about SLA and language teaching, she’s drinking wine, singing karaoke to her pet tree Tarzan and dreaming of all the places she will travel too once this pandemic is over.

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