2021 CI Reboot Kia London, “Click Flash!”


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Kia London,
“Click Flash!”

ASL interpreter – Billy Sanders

The presenter will demonstrate and discuss the value of using pictures for starting a new unit, conversation starters, and cultural authentic resources in the classroom! She will give effective examples of comprehensible input strategies that will engage and encourage students to laugh, learn, and communicate in the target language.

Kia London is a passionate and committed educator, writer, and advocate for equity through diverse representation in the world language curriculum.  She earned her Master’s Degree  in Linguistics, with a focus on language and identity, and is now currently pursuing her Master’s in Spanish.  Kia has presented  at local, state, regional, and national language conferences. With fifteen years of experience, she has taught Spanish for all grade levels K-12 . Specializing in the second language acquisition process, through CI strategies, the integration of culture and the arts, with an equitable approach, she enjoys learning with her students!

Instagram: @clases_de_london (for instructional tips, LLLAB.org, state updates), @trailblaze_language (for african diaspora content, products, resources, blog access)