2021 CI Reboot Jason Fritze StoryAsking in a Pandemic


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Jason Fritze, Story Asking in a Pandemic.

ASL interpreter – Billy Sanders

How can Stories still work under pandemic circumstances?  Adaptations to keep the CI and also protect your mental and physical health.

Jason is a National Board Certified Teacher in World Languages Other Than English, an author and a presenter. He is originally from Oklahoma, where he taught Spanish and French for seven years in Norman Public Schools and was named teacher of the year after becoming a Comprehension-Based Methods teacher. He has also taught in New Jersey and Tennessee, and his teaching experience spans from early elementary to adult. He teaches elementary Spanish at Laguna Beach Unified.  Jason began teaching Spanish and French for Fluency Fast in 2005 and will teach Novice Spanish with Niki Tottingham this July 19-22.

He regularly presents at state, regional and national language conferences as a presenter and keynote speaker and conducts workshops/in-services for language teachers on Comprehension-Based Methods and Reading Strategies in the WL classroom.

He lives in Laguna and Palm Beach with his husband and wonder-dog Canelo.