2021 CI Reboot Haiyun Lu Connecting curriculum, CI Teaching with Anti-racist work


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Haiyun Lu

Connecting curriculum, CI Teaching with Anti-racist work

Race is a social construct, not biology.  However, it is the prominent physical features which have been contributed to ones privilege, or oppression.

In this session, the presenter will share with you her personal racial identity journey.  Upon her racial identity awakening, how she breaks through the Asian Model Minority myth, and embrace a new identity of empowered people of color”.  How she advocates and implements a part of omitted history and knowledge back into her Mandarin program in integration with TCI.  How she works on extending the outreach to a broader community.

Haiyun has been a Mandarin teacher since 1993. She is also a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher from Brown University. She is passionate about employing Comprehensible Input-based instruction in her classes and implementing mindfulness in education. She is a mindfulness coach for her schools track and field team and the volleyball team. She has been training and coaching language teachers with “teaching with comprehensible input-based instruction” throughout North America and Asia. She is a co-founder of the Comprehensible Midwest Conference, Learn Together Academy and also co- founded Ignite Chinese. She is a blogger and writer; she has written 16 storybooks in Chinese. When she is not teaching, she likes to hike, meditate, drink tea with friends, enjoy a good meal with family and play games with her son.