2021 CI Reboot Elicia Cárdenas What is Ordered Development


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What is Ordered Development and Why is it Important?
Elicia Cárdenas, The Comprehensible Classroom

In this highly interactive two-part workshop, participants will be grouped in small groups and engage in an activity (using Pear Deck and breakout rooms) as students to read, interact with, and respond to research about the developmental order of language acquisition in learner’s brains to better understand what the research shows. This session will be followed by a discussion session (12:00-1:00 PST) to discuss implications of ordered development for teaching practices and assessment and ways to apply the research in world language classrooms. The workshop will use examples from Spanish but will be applicable to other languages. Participants are recommended to have a tablet or phone to use in addition to a laptop or desktop computer, but it is not necessary. Participants are strongly recommended to attend both parts of the workshop!