2021 CI Reboot Adriana Ramirez, How can we Uncolonize our Language Classroom



How can we uncolonize our language classrooms?

Education is a political act. We are either in favour of the status quo or against it. What are we doing as world language educators to disrupt those practices that perpetuate inequalities? How can we make our language classes more inclusive while respecting interculturality?

In this workshop we will talk about what uncolonizing means and how this could look like in our language classes. We will talk about history, colonization, todays ways of colonization, and ways to start a decolonizing process in our language classes.

Adriana Ramírez is a Spanish teacher, author and teacher trainer. She teaches all levels of Spanish, from beginners to IB students, using comprehensible input methodologies. She is constantly coaching other teachers and presenting workshops in Canada, the US and Europe. She also holds a double major in Psychology, a degree in Clinical Psychology and a Masters degree in Education. She has a big passion for sharing with the world the beauty of her country and her people, and you can see this love through all her published novels. A big advocate of the #OwnVoices movement, Adriana strongly believes that those who come from traditionally oppressed and colonized countries and territories, must reclaim their right to tell their own stories and build their own narratives. Originally from Colombia, she actively works on recuperating the stories and the narrative that were erased by the colonizers, and that are part of her roots and her heritage. You can find her at @veganadri (Twitter and Instagram), adrianaramirez.ca, and her YouTube channel: Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input.’