2021 CI RE-Boot Full Mini-Conference or individual webinars


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  • From the people who brought you CISOS and Sane Saturdays in 2020 and the IFLT / NTPRS / CI Teaching Facebook Page comes a conference in 3 small, half-day parts
  • University credit available, $62.00 per credit hour, 15 hours of contact time plus independent work per credit hour
  • https://teacherfriendly.com/university-credit-checkout/fluency-fast-graduate-level-credit/  University of the Pacific 2 credits for Full Conference registration $124 , watch all sessions, complete readings in Teachable
  • Registration gives you access to a small group discussion platform open 24-7 through July 31st for real time collaboration with colleagues


Purchase individual sessions  30 minute sessions $4 / 60 minute sessions $8 / Plenary (keynote) sessions $8

Plenary (keynote) presentations:
Dr. Stephen Krashen, Optimal input: The theory with ASL interpretation*
Dr. Beniko Mason,  “Optimal input: The application. Extensive Reading and Pleasure Reading
The Motivated Classroom Podcast with Liam Printer and guests Dr. Bill VanPatten and Dr. Karen Lichtman with ASL interpretation
Panel Discussion - Challenging The Status Quo with ASL Interpretation

Dr. Stephen Krashen and Dr. Beniko Mason, CI Re-Boot Dr. Liam Printer Dr. Karen Lichtman Dr. Bill VanPatten

*Decisions on which sessions would be interpreted were made by ASL teachers familiar with CI instruction.


Were you looking for the 2022 #CIReboot? 

Are you running a conference and looking for presenters?  Contact presenters directly.  Links to their social media in their conference descriptions or join the IFLT / NTPRS / CI Teaching Facebook page.  Contact Cynthia Norman ( cynthia j norman interpreter at gmail dot com) , who maintains a database of ASL Interpreters.  Questions?  Contact karen at fluencyfast dot com

$1 or included with full registration

Karen Rowan
Overview of conference, Welcome and Orientation

$8 or included with full registration

Dr. Stephen Krashen,
Optimal Input Theory
(reading materials already loaded to teachable) ASL interpreter – Nathalie Zintchem #CITheoryStephen Krashen’s websiteBonus session with full registration:  Stephen Krashen keynote, Chattanooga, TN Fluency Fast keynote

$8 or included in full registrationAlso available as part of the Teaching a Novel Bundle

A.C. Quintero What a Novel Idea!

Teaching a novel doesn’t have to be BORING! Level up your game, and score a winning goal with these 3 strategies!

A.C. Quintero is currently a Spanish Teacher at Walter Payton College Preparatory in Chicago, IL. She has 16 years of cumulative experience as an International Baccalaureate middle school teacher, high school teacher, and adjunct instructor. She holds a Master’s in Latin American Literature and Cultures coupled with a Master’s in Educational Leadership. These dual degrees have afforded her a vantage point from both ends of the educational
spectrum: instruction and evaluation. A.C. has been sharing her unique perspective on pedagogy and language acquisition for over ten years at national, regional, and state conferences. She is also an accomplished author. She has authored several compelling comprehensible novels that allow students to solidify their language skills while experiencing a wide range of different cultures.


$8 or included in full registration

Adriana Ramirez
How can we uncolonize our language classrooms?

Education is a political act. We are either in favour of the status quo or against it. What are we doing as world language educators to disrupt those practices that perpetuate inequalities? How can we make our language classes more inclusive while respecting interculturality?

In this workshop we will talk about what uncolonizing means and how this could look like in our language classes. We will talk about history, colonization, todays ways of colonization, and ways to start a decolonizing process in our language classes.


Adriana Ramírez is a Spanish teacher, author and teacher trainer. She teaches all levels of Spanish, from beginners to IB students, using comprehensible input methodologies. She is constantly coaching other teachers and presenting workshops in Canada, the US and Europe. She also holds a double major in Psychology, a degree in Clinical Psychology and a Masters degree in Education. She has a big passion for sharing with the world the beauty of her country and her people, and you can see this love through all her published novels. A big advocate of the #OwnVoices movement, Adriana strongly believes that those who come from traditionally oppressed and colonized countries and territories, must reclaim their right to tell their own stories and build their own narratives. Originally from Colombia, she actively works on recuperating the stories and the narrative that were erased by the colonizers, and that are part of her roots and her heritage. You can find her at @veganadri (Twitter and Instagram), adrianaramirez.ca, and her YouTube channel: Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input.’


$8 or included in full registration
$24 inside of French Bundle

Abdel Khila and Dahiana Castro Francophone
Products & Practices through CI : Le caftan marocain

We will look beyond predominant francophone culture(s), discussing cultural products and authentic resources from Morocco.

A breadth of resources and photos can be embedded in the practice of teaching, allowing teachers to easily discuss deep culture in the target language through the lens of Comprehensible Input by using simple visuals,  authentic sources, Personalized Questions and Answers, Picture Talk and short comprehensible texts to introduce a cultural product specific to Morocco.





$8 or included in full registration

Dr. Beniko Mason,
Optimal Input Application
How to start and run a GSSR program
(Reading materials already loaded to teachable)


How many pages should students read? How many books can be read in a year? Is input alone sufficient? How many total titles do you need per student? What are the total gains on high-stakes exams after 6500 pages of comprehensible input?

Are those who don’t like to read not ready to read yet? Sustained Silent Reading is a goal of a language program. When they are ready and when they are led to books, they read.

$8 or included in full registration

Elevate Education Consulting – Rachelle Adams and Dr. Anna Gilcher
Small Change Big Impact: The Power of Adjectives

ASL interpreter – Billy Sanders


Just the decision to change how you use one part of speech in your classroom will shift your teaching and student learning. In this workshop we will focus on the power of adjectives. When we use different words to describe ourselves and others we shift the feeling of the space and relationships. And when we use different words to describe characters in our classrooms, new opportunities arise for more interesting stories. Participants will leave with a concrete resource and skills that can be used all year long.

$4 or included with full registration

Dahiana and Adriana interviews
The Path to Uncolonizing our Classroom – Learning from Different Perspectives

This will be the first in an ongoing occasional series of interviews.


$8 or included with full registration

John Bracey
Sustainable Equitable Input

ASL interpreter – Billy Sanders


This session is for the working teacher who is passionate about teaching with comprehensible input and ensuring success for all types of students. Participants will learn how to make their practices work for all types of students without burning out mid-year.

John Bracey has been a Latin teacher in Massachusetts since 2010. He currently teaches at Belmont High School in Belmont MA. He has a BA in Classics from University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MA from Boston College. He has taught Latin exclusively using Comprehensible Input methodology for the past several years. He leads workshops around the country for language teachers of all kinds. He was also the 2016 Massachusetts Latin teacher of the year. He has become widely known in the Classics profession through several publications in Eidolon dealing with race and teaching Latin. He was a contributor to the recent Diversity and Inclusion in the Latin Classroom online series from Cambridge University Press. He is also working with the Comprehensible Classroom on creating the Latin curriculum SUMUS.

$8 or included in full registration

Bryce Hedstrom
Free Voluntary Reading / Pleasure Reading logistics


Bryce Hedstrom, Creating and Maintaining Your Self Selected Reading ProgramFollowing Dr. Mason’s presentation on Guided Self-Selected Reading, Bryce will walk through the ins and outs of building a classroom library. What does the teacher do while the students are reading? How often do you read? For how long? Can students check books out? Can I prevent them from falling apart? How should they be displayed? How do I make sure they are “accountable” for their reading? (Or do I?)

Bryce Hedstrom‘s habitual by-line is, “We all get better when we work together” because he believes that honey works better than vinegar, that cooperation works better than competition, and that an encouraging smile works better than a disapproving scowl.

Bryce is a teacher trainer in northern Colorado. He has a B.A. in Spanish and an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, but claims that the biggest help to him as a teacher has been the on-going professional development at conferences and workshops, particularly those in his state organization, CCFLT. Bryce has taught at the elementary, middle school, high school and college levels. He received the Best of Colorado award from the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers (CCFLT) in 2008, and was elected president of CCFLT in 2015.

His teaching emphasizes a comprehensible input-based approach which includes storytelling, acting, reading, music, student engagement and plenty of laughter. (see the rest of his bio at https://www.brycehedstrom.com/about/)


$8 or included in full registration

Adriana Ramirez
Movie Talk + Embedded Reading: Taking Movie Talks to the next Level


Movie Talk is on itself a very powerful CI technique, but when you pair it up with an Embedded Reading, you are taking it to a different level.

In this workshop you will learn how to use an Embedded Reading to make your video come to life, and to make the most out of it. By putting both techniques together you can introduce more vocab and grammar structures; this will help you go from a 30 minute Movie Talk lesson to a week-long one. It is your door to lots of CI.





World’s Largest Lesson
Kinvara Jardine Paterson, London


$4 or free with full registration
Marta Ruiz Yedinak and Andrea Schweitzer
“¡Cuéntame! Input Made Easy”
Incorporating listening activities via a new engaging, content-based podcast, accessible to novice learners.Marta Ruiz Yedinak is a Spanish National Board Certified Teacher, Kohl Fellow, and a WAFLT New Teacher Award recipient, but above all, she is a passionate provider of comprehensible input and a firm believer of teaching students, not curriculum. She loves sharing what she steals from brilliant minds to apply in her classroom, by presenting in various language conferences such as ACTFL, iFLT, WAFLT, CSCTFL, FLAND, MittenCI, and CIMW. Marta currently works for the Ripon Area School District. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from the Universidad Latina de América in Morelia, México, and a Master’s degree in Education through Viterbo University. She just started producing a podcast called ¡Cuéntame! to help her students polish their listening skills.#CIPracticeAndrea Schweitzer is completing her 17th year as a middle school Spanish teacher at St. Rita Catholic School in Dallas, TX. She’s passionate about learning, creating and implementing new ways of facilitating language acquisition with her students. When she’s not geeking out about SLA and language teaching, she’s drinking wine, singing karaoke to her pet tree Tarzan and dreaming of all the places she will travel too once this pandemic is over.Cuéntame podcast  (Spanish)        Listen UP! podcast (English) https://anchor.fm/andrea-schweitzerhttps://anchor.fm/cuentamemarta

$8 or free with full registration.  Also available on the Motivated Classroom  podcast in August, 2021

Dr. Liam Printer’s The Motivated Classroom podcast with special guests Bill VanPatten and Dr. Karen Lichtman. Live.

ASL interpreter – Billy Sanders


Dr. Liam Printer is a published author, presenter, researcher, teacher and language learner. He speaks six languages but says ‘none of them perfectly’. His Doctorate in Education at The University of Bath focused on motivation and teaching languages through storytelling and his research has now been published in two peer reviewed journals. In addition, he shares his research and classroom experiences on The Motivated Classroom podcast which has had over 50,000 downloads to date from over 150 different countries. Liam currently works full time at the International School of Lausanne in Switzerland as both a Spanish teacher and The Leader of Pedagogical Innovation and Approaches to Learning Coordinator. Dr. Printer has been invited as the Keynote speaker at the national language teaching conferences in Ireland and The Netherlands, as well as for The Goethe Institute in London. He has also been invited as a speaker to a variety of international conferences in Europe, Asia and America. Liam has also worked as an educational consultant around language teaching and motivation with schools in Finland, China, Luxembourg, Denmark, Belgium and Switzerland.

Included with full registration:  Bonus session by Dr. VanPatten, 1 hour workshop from CISOS, Spring 2020

For a more detailed bio you can visit his website www.liamprinter.com.

  • Twitter handle: @liamprinter @motclasspodcast
  • Instagram: @themotivatedclassroom
  • Youtube channel: The Motivated Classroom
  • Website and blog: www.liamprinter.com
  • Buy Liam a coffee

$8 or free with full registration

Justin Slocum Bailey
Getting the Stakes Right with Simple, Sensitive PQAASL interpreter – Billy Sanders#CIPractice


Personalized Questions & Answers (PQA) are a straightforward and effective way to generate high-interest input and interaction in a language class. But they can also fall flat, or worse. Often this is because the stakes are either too low—in which case, students dont care enough to participate—or too high—in which case, students can freeze or even suffer trauma. This session helps teachers select and follow up on questions that get the stakes right, with not only interestingness, but also inclusiveness and sensitivity to triggers in mind, so that students can be invested in discussion without feeling threatened. The session will feature simulations of starting and sustaining interactions with PQA, as well as discussion of pitfalls to avoid and troubleshooting of common problems with PQA.

Justin Slocum Bailey is crazy about helping teachers and learners succeed with less stress and more joy. A veteran language, music, and martial arts teacher raised in Vienna, Austria, he operates Indwelling Language, a treasure trove of resources and low-prep practices for joyful language education, as well as TeachHuman, a collection of courses and resources to help teachers of all subjects not just teach well but also BE well. Justin has published several articles on language teaching, creates materials for learners of both modern and classical languages, and consults for schools, districts, publishers, travel companies, and non-profits worldwide. He also speaks about mental health in educational and other settings. The many glowing testimonials of his work include If everyone taught language like Justin Slocum Bailey, we would have a world of self-directed polyglots,” “Holy gifted batman!”, and The kind of teacher Id like to have a beer with.”

$8 or included in full registration

Haiyun Lu
Connecting curriculum,
CI Teaching with Anti-racist work


Race is a social construct, not biology.  However, it is the prominent physical features which have been contributed to ones privilege, or oppression.

In this session, the presenter will share with you her personal racial identity journey.  Upon her racial identity awakening, how she breaks through the Asian Model Minority myth, and embrace a new identity of empowered people of color”.  How she advocates and implements a part of omitted history and knowledge back into her Mandarin program in integration with TCI.  How she works on extending the outreach to a broader community.

Haiyun has been a Mandarin teacher since 1993. She is also a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher from Brown University. She is passionate about employing Comprehensible Input-based instruction in her classes and implementing mindfulness in education. She is a mindfulness coach for her schools track and field team and the volleyball team. She has been training and coaching language teachers with “teaching with comprehensible input-based instruction” throughout North America and Asia. She is a co-founder of the Comprehensible Midwest Conference, Learn Together Academy and also co- founded Ignite Chinese. She is a blogger and writer; she has written 16 storybooks in Chinese. When she is not teaching, she likes to hike, meditate, drink tea with friends, enjoy a good meal with family and play games with her son.


$8 or free with registration

Dahiana Castro CI with Whiteboard.fi

Whiteboard.fi is a free online whiteboard service specially designed for teachers and classrooms. An excellent tool for formative assessments! Participants will learn three different Comprehensible Input activities.



Only available within the full conference

Karen Rowan
Basics of TPR and TPR Storytelling Terminology for Absolute Beginners

What are all these acronyms?

$4 or included in full registration

Dr. Karen Lichtman
Research soundbites to motivate your students


Ten years of research on TPRS, distilled into slides you can actually share with your students to motivate them to trust comprehension-based learning… or use to advocate for your curriculum with administrators and colleagues!

Dr. Karen Lichtman is Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics and Director of Educator Licensure in the Department of World Languages & Cultures at Northern Illinois University.  She does research on instructed second language acquisition and TPRS, including her book Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS): An Input-Based Approach to Second Language Instruction.   She also contributed the research compilation to Fluency Through TPR Storytelling, by Blaine Ray and Contee Seely.

$8 or included in full conference registration

CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO ASL interpreter – Cynthia Norman


  • Abdel Khila
  • Adriana Ramirez
  • Dahiana Castro
  • Haiyun Lu
  • Jenniffer Saldaña Whyte
  • John Bracey
  • Rachelle Adams
  1. What is the status quo?
  2. How are you challenging the status quo in your daily practice?
  3. What are some of the challenges you deal with while challenging the status quo?

$8 or included in full registration

Kia London,
“Click Flash!”

ASL interpreter – Billy Sanders

The presenter will demonstrate and discuss the value of using pictures for starting a new unit, conversation starters, and cultural authentic resources in the classroom! She will give effective examples of comprehensible input strategies that will engage and encourage students to laugh, learn, and communicate in the target language.

Kia London is a passionate and committed educator, writer, and advocate for equity through diverse representation in the world language curriculum.  She earned her Master’s Degree  in Linguistics, with a focus on language and identity, and is now currently pursuing her Master’s in Spanish.  Kia has presented  at local, state, regional, and national language conferences. With fifteen years of experience, she has taught Spanish for all grade levels K-12 . Specializing in the second language acquisition process, through CI strategies, the integration of culture and the arts, with an equitable approach, she enjoys learning with her students!

Instagram: @clases_de_london (for instructional tips, LLLAB.org, state updates), @trailblaze_language (for african diaspora content, products, resources, blog access)

$8 or included in full registration

What is Ordered Development and Why is it Important?
Elicia Cárdenas, The Comprehensible Classroom


In this highly interactive two-part workshop, participants will be grouped in small groups and engage in an activity (using Pear Deck and breakout rooms) as students to read, interact with, and respond to research about the developmental order of language acquisition in learner’s brains to better understand what the research shows. This session will be followed by a discussion session (12:00-1:00 PST) to discuss implications of ordered development for teaching practices and assessment and ways to apply the research in world language classrooms. The workshop will use examples from Spanish but will be applicable to other languages. Participants are recommended to have a tablet or phone to use in addition to a laptop or desktop computer, but it is not necessary. Participants are strongly recommended to attend both parts of the workshop!


$8 or included in registration

Jenniffer Saldaña Whyte
Incorporating Afro-Latinos in a Unit: Mi Barrio/La Comunidad


Just like any unit plan about the community and all of its components, this session will teach you how to effectively insert afro-descendants in the unit without it being the focus of the unit plan. You will learn how to make a unit that incorporates Afro-Latinos and will be able to leave with a unit to use next school year.

This session is followed by a Q & A period and open discussion of Incorporating Afro-Latino culture.

Jenniffer Karilyn Saldaña Whyte was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and migrated to New York City where she became a U.S. citizen at 2 months old.  Jenniffer graduated from the Center for the Teaching Profession at Miami Senior High School.  She has a B.A. in Spanish education and a Masters degree in Teaching and Learning  English. She and her husband have five children, three biological and two adopted, pastor a church together in Anniston, Alabama, and are both Afro-Latinos representing their nations. She is the president and founder of a non-profit 501 (c )(3) organization called Bilingual Kids, Inc., which promotes language learning, culture, and education for children and their families. She organizes international trips for students to be fully immersed in the Spanish language through medical missions and teaches workshops for children about Afro-Latinos through Outschool.  A high school Spanish teacher and the chair of the African American Student Special Interest Group at ACTFL, she is also the very first Zumba instructor to teach a master class at ACTFL.  She advocates for unity and the inclusion of Afro-Latinos and other world language learners of African descent in world language classes. Follow her on Facebook: Afro-Latina Teacher or join her groups: Incorporating Afro-Latino Culture in Spanish Classrooms, Incorporating the African Culture in World Language Classrooms. Also, follow her non-profit, Bilingual Kids, Inc. on Facebook.


Elevate Education Consulting – Rachelle Adams and Anna Gilcher
Unpacking Bias and Stereotype Threat in the CI Classroom

#CIContent #CIPractice

ASL interpreter – Billy Sanders

New, rebooted for CI reboot:

  • Participants will understand the potential pitfalls of bias and stereotyping in comprehension based communicative language teaching
  • Participants will have time to work in small and large groups to practice noticing bias/stereotypes and how to disrupt those ways of thinking and being in the classroom
  • Participants will be given tools that help us understand our own implicit biases 

$8 or included in conference registration

Jason Fritze, StoryAsking in a Pandemic, Using Flipgrid for Input
ASL interpreter – Billy Sanders


How can Stories still work under pandemic circumstances?  Adaptations to keep the CI and also protect your mental and physical health.

Jason is a National Board Certified Teacher in World Languages Other Than English, an author and a presenter. He is originally from Oklahoma, where he taught Spanish and French for seven years in Norman Public Schools and was named teacher of the year after becoming a Comprehension-Based Methods teacher. He has also taught in New Jersey and Tennessee, and his teaching experience spans from early elementary to adult. He teaches elementary Spanish at Laguna Beach Unified.  Jason began teaching Spanish and French for Fluency Fast in 2005 and will teach Novice Spanish with Niki Tottingham this July 19-22.

He regularly presents at state, regional and national language conferences as a presenter and keynote speaker and conducts workshops/in-services for language teachers on Comprehension-Based Methods and Reading Strategies in the WL classroom.

He lives in Laguna and Palm Beach with his husband and wonder-dog Canelo.

Bonus session with full conference registration:  Flipgrid step-by-step with Jason Fritze, recorded summer 2020



FRENCH TEACHER BUNDLE:  Benjamin Tinsley, Carla Tarini  $24

SPANISH TEACHER BUNDLE:Claudia Elliott, Diego Ojeda and  Kia London $24

TEACHING A CLASS NOVEL AND CLASSROOM LIBRARIES:  Jennifer Degenhardt and Theresa Marrama, Leslie Davison, Margarita Pérez García, Dahiana Castro,  Adriana Ramirez and bonus sessions with Karen Rowan, Jason Fritze and Dahiana Castro CLASSROOM LIBRARIES: John Sifert and bonus session from the #CIREboot from Bryce Hedstrom
$64.00 / SALE $49.00

and bonus session on Hacking Neuroscience for Compelling Storytelling with Karen Rowan

Purchase bundles separately below based on your own needs.  Purchase and complete all 3 bundles for university credit, 2 credits.

FREE World’s Largest Classroom, Kinvara Jardine Paterson #CIContent

Teaching Reading, Creating Content #CIReboot


4 x $8 = $32.00

SALE: $19.00

Benjamin Tinsley, Incorporating AfroFranco Culture in the French Classroom from Level 1. Check out Benjamin Tinsley’s webpage
Contact him about presenting for a conference.  Join the AfroFranco Book Club
How many French-speaking countries from the continent of Africa can your students identify on a map?  How many can your students correctly place on a map?  How many authors did you study in your college literature classes from African nations?  How can AfroFranco Culture be incorporated in the French classroom from Level 1?•Carla Tarini Qui Parle Francais? with demo by Daniel Kline Dubois and Sabrina Sebban Janczak
Step by step ideas for teaching the Qui Parle Francais simple biographies of important figures in the Francophone World, including a demo in French of an interview with Simone de Beauvoir.•Sabrina Sebban Janczak, Writing Personalized Stories (To be recorded8/21)


•#CIReboot Abdel Khila and Dahiana Castro Francophone (also available with the #CIReboot for $109 or as a an $8 stand-alone)
Products & Practices through CI : Le caftan marocain

We will look beyond predominant francophone culture(s), discussing cultural products and authentic resources from Morocco.

A breadth of resources and photos can be embedded in the practice of teaching, allowing teachers to easily discuss deep culture in the target language through the lens of Comprehensible Input by using simple visuals,  authentic sources, Personalized Questions and Answers, Picture Talk and short comprehensible texts to introduce a cultural product specific to Morocco.

Teaching Reading, Creating Content #CIReboot


3 x $8 = $24.00


•Claudia Elliott,  The Basics of Comprehensible Input (IN Spanish). An overview of Comprehension-Based teaching theory in Spanish.  Check out Claudia’s Facebook page, Growing with CI and her ongoing course on Comprehension-Based Teaching.

•Diego Ojeda, Trabajando con poesía comprensible en la clase de lengua (IN Spanish)
Session in Spanish on teaching poetry.  Why and how.  Diego’s poetry books are part of the Acento Latino Libros project.

•Kia London, Teaching with Las Voces Diversas de la Diáspora (SPANISH MATERIALS)

Teaching Reading, Creating Content #CIReboot

2021 How to Teach a Class Novel  / Classroom Library Bundle


Classroom Library

Free Voluntary Reading

8 X $8 = $64.00

SALE $49.00

•Karen Rowan and Jason Fritze, Reader’s Theater webinars and “Reader’s Theater for the World Language Classroom” by Karen Rowan (3 sessions)

•Jennifer Degenhardt and Theresa Marrama, It’s in There!:Using CI Readers as the basis for Curriculum

•Leslie Davison, CI with Google Walking Tours Advanced Tips and Tricks

•Margarita Pérez García, Teaching elementary novels through StoryListening

•Dahiana Castro,  Reading Magic Tricks to make them Read and Re-read

•Dahiana Castro, Backward Planning from a Novel

•Adriana Ramirez, How to Teach a CI Novel ( 2 sessions, 2 hours)

•John Sifert,  Book Tasting:  Getting Student Buy-in on FVR

•Bryce Hedstrom (also available inside of the #CIReboot or as a stand-alone for $8)
Free Voluntary Reading / Pleasure Reading logistics

Creating and Maintaining Your Self Selected Reading Program Following Dr. Mason’s presentation on Guided Self-Selected Reading, Bryce will walk through the ins and outs of building a classroom library. What does the teacher do while the students are reading? How often do you read? For how long? Can students check books out? Can I prevent them from falling apart? How should they be displayed? How do I make sure they are “accountable” for their reading? (Or do I?)


•The first goal is a CI RE-BOOT, re-grounding teachers who have been drowning in technology and lost their connection to the roots of comprehension-based teaching. 

•The second goal is to change the conversation around the CONTENT of that Comprehensible Input.  Any CONTENT can be taught using the same basics of comprehension-based teaching.  


Goal two is to, while grounding ourselves in the Comprehension Hypothesis, change  the content we are teaching, which in some very fundamental ways also requires changing ourselves.  

It does not mean that our sheltered subject matter has to be taught in English instead of the TL.  It doesn’t mean that students should be producing output instead of receiving input.  It doesn’t mean that meaningful content should be broken down to analyze its grammatical components.

This is where we bridge both.

We start at the bottom and build to the top.