2021 CAFE DE FLORE FRENCH INPUT TOUR for Intermediates with Daniel Dubois PRE-RECORDED


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2 day Google Walking Tour of Paris, with Frenchman Daniel Kline Dubois

Pre-recorded with video and audio.  Screenshare recording can be re-used by French teachers to re-teach the same tour.

Walking tour near Café de Flor.  Daniel is the driver of a tour of Paris… but he’s a terrible driver.  He is lost in Paris, trying to complete the tour of Café de Flor.  As he drives in circles, he narrates a tour of Paris in comprehensible French while trying to find Café de Flor.  Unknown words are defined in the chat box by French teacher Carla Tarini.


What people are saying about this course:
Please have more of this with Daniel (et Sabrina) !! Le Bretagne, Mont St. Michelle…Provence, anywhere in France actually ! Very well designed over the 2-day format. Merci Daniel èté magnifique !  – Linda M.
I loved this class! Level was perfect!! I loved all the details that Daniel included in the tour. I feel as if I were actually there. Just amazing!!! Amazing class!!! Merci!!!! – Alina F
Merci! Le meilleur tour…. – Chris M
You’ve inspired me to plan one of Cafe Tortoni for my Spanish students!  Sara P
This was super. I liked that you covered lots of standard vocabulary and translated in the chat.  Please do more of these, in Paris but also elsewhere.  And touching on French culture is fun.- Corrie D.