CAFE DE FLORE FRENCH INPUT TOUR for Intermediates with Daniel Dubois ON DEMAND (21)


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2 day Google Walking Tour of Paris, with Frenchman Daniel Kline Dubois

Pre-recorded with video and audio.  Screenshare recording can be re-used by French teachers to re-teach the same tour.

Walking tour near Café de Flor.  Daniel is the driver of a tour of Paris… but he’s a terrible driver.  He is lost in Paris, trying to complete the tour of Café de Flor.  As he drives in circles, he narrates a tour of Paris in comprehensible French while trying to find Café de Flor.  Unknown words are defined in the chat box by French teacher Carla Tarini.


Level:  Advanced Beginner

What people are saying about this course:
Please have more of this with Daniel (et Sabrina) !! Le Bretagne, Mont St. Michelle…Provence, anywhere in France actually ! Very well designed over the 2-day format. Merci Daniel èté magnifique !  – Linda M.
I loved this class! Level was perfect!! I loved all the details that Daniel included in the tour. I feel as if I were actually there. Just amazing!!! Amazing class!!! Merci!!!! – Alina F
Merci! Le meilleur tour…. – Chris M
You’ve inspired me to plan one of Cafe Tortoni for my Spanish students!  Sara P
This was super. I liked that you covered lots of standard vocabulary and translated in the chat.  Please do more of these, in Paris but also elsewhere.  And touching on French culture is fun.- Corrie D.