2020 Self-Coaching Online Elementary

$250.00 $125.00


6 week live log-in webinar with Karen Rowan and guests.

This course is for elementary classroom teachers in their first, second or third year of teaching with TPRS and Comprehension-Based Teaching approaches.

Group size is limited.

One hour live webinar per week plus access to all other available webinars and the Self-Coaching book.
From Step-by-Step Hand-Holding to Independent Self-Coaching……

Read the Fluency Fast Guide to Self-Coaching
Week 1: Input.
Week 2: Comprehension.
Week 3: Individual Goals.
Week 4: Classroom Management
Week 5: TPR / supporting literacy
Week 6:  Storytelling and Backward Planning


From Step-by-Step Hand-Holding to Independent Self-Coaching……

Guest Speakers:  Erika Peplinski, Linda Li, Niki Tottingham, Leslie Davison, Alina Filipescua

Week 1: Input Tuesday, January 21st, 5:30pm Mountain time
Week 2: Comprehension. Tuesday, January 28, 5:30pm Mountain time
Week 3: Individual Goals.  Sunday, February 2, 10:30am Mountain time
Week 4:  Classroom Management. Sunday, February 9, 10:30am, Mountain time
No class.  Watch Elementary Webinars with Jason Fritze and Amy Vanderdeen
Week 5: Tuesday, February 25, 5:30pm Mountain time
Week 6: Tuesday, March 2, 5:30pm Mountain time

Guest Speakers:

Carla Tarini, Erika Peplinksi, Niki Toddingham, Linda Li

Other topics TBD by group.

Watch webinars

Self-Coaching (Karen)
Reader’s Theater (Karen)
Picturetalk / Visual Images (Amy)
Diversity in the Classroom (Rachelle)
Elementary (Jason Fritze and Amy Vanderdeen)

Self-Coaching 2019 Recordings of:

Justin Slocum Bailey

Mary Holmes

Faith Laux

Amy Vanderdeen

New webinars coming soon

Others TBA (Classroom Libraries and FVR / Teaching a novel / All Krashen webinars are available to all participants at any time. Secret Facebook group, Zoom Conferences and Webinars 2-4 University Credits available, $62 per credit hour
Guests experts will join webinars live to answer questions and provide expertise on various aspects of classroom teaching such as classroom management and getting to 90% target language.

Topics range from getting started 2nd semester, how to set up a Free Voluntary Reading Program, How to use Movietalk / MovieAsk, How to do PQA and personalize stories, How to write class stories, How to coach actors, How to do Reader’s Theater, How to find materials. Specific course content will be decided on by participants.
**All participants will be encouraged to sign up for Comprehensible Online, the Online training conference in February, March and April, 2020.
Participants have access to these bonuses:
Discounts on class sets of readers
Discounts on audio books and E-books and completed Teacher’s Guides
Access to draft copies of Teacher’s Guides</p>
The Fluency Fast Guide to Self-Coaching, free
$229.00 price of Comprehensible Online is $204 with coupon code CI20 through January 15th


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