10 Short-cuts to X-treme Personalization Webinar with Karen Rowan


Webinar 1 on Personalizing the World Language Classroom.

Originally filmed as part of Comprehensible-online.

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What people are saying about this webinar:
Iris Cortes
Thank you, Karen. These hacks will definitely help me get through this final quarter and help me reshape my fall semester.
leslie caulfield
Great video – thank you so much for the amazing ideas!
Carrie Reams
Thank you so much for the valuable information. I struggle to get all of my students involved in our stories and activities. There are so many ideas here that I can use!
Carly Edelman
Hey Karen! Thank you so much, this was great! I also love bachata and salsa dancing ?
Alyssa Kleissler
I am loving your classes! I love how you are connecting with the students. I’m also inspired now to take those questionnaires back out and understand how I can get info like pet names & such into stories. Thank you! Looking forward to learning more from you!


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