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Do you listen to  TalkinL2 with BVP, the podcast formerly known as Tea with BVP?
We’re sponsoring episodes of TalkinL2 with BVP.  It’s about Language Acquisition Research, Comprehension-Based Teaching and Communication.  If you are a fan of the show and a fan of Fluency Fast, let us know!
Listen to the show:  https://www.classroomtapas.com/talkinl2  (click listen live or scroll down to listen to archived shows)
Download Karen Rowan’s Ebook in Spanish, French or English for free
El secreto de Isabela E-book
The Adventures of Isabela E-book (English)
Carl Doesn’t Want to Go to Mexico E-book (English)
Le Secret d’Isabelle
or get  $30.00 off a class set of readers (30 x 7 = 210 / 30x 6= 180.00)or get $1 of any reader
or BVP30

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