Classes Offered


Fluency Fast Spanish Classes in Denver

Learn Spanish, Mandarin or French

Advanced Spanish for Spanish teachers
Adriana Ramirez

Intermediate Spanish
with Karen Rowan

Beginning Mandarin 
Linda Li

Sabrina Janzcek


Our Sister Schools Around the World

Middle Tennessee State University Language Institute, Summer 2019

Learn Spanish in Spain with César and Pilar
Kent House Language School
June 2-9, 2019
Mérida Spain

Learn Spanish in Mexico
The International Forum of Language Teaching

Learn Spanish in a fun environment! Classroom & on-line classes available.


French Classes

Learn French in France
Sabrina’s Immersion Workshop, Agen 2019

Learn French the way it was meant to be learned. These classes are exciting!


Mandarin Chinese Classes

Learn Mandarin in Itasca (Chicago), Illinois
Linda Li

Our upbeat and interactive classes make this tough language easier to learn.


German Classes

Move away from rote memorization and towards the way you learned your first language!


Russian Classes

Privet! Beginning Russian on-line with Katya Paukova


Arabic Classes

Modern Standard Arabic online with Nahed Hazaa